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Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder
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Borderline personality disorder is a frequent psychological condition. What exactly is it? What are the symptoms? What are the causes? What is the treatment? Is there any particular diet which can eradicate the symptoms? Does it get confused with any other psychological condition?

Maybe you have not heard of borderline personality disorder because is not that well known in comparison to depression, stress, anxiety, aspergers syndrome or schizophrenia. Yet it is one of the most frequent and debilitating personality disorders. Many symptoms characterise borderline personality disorder. Such as troubled thoughts and emotions and behaviour. Almost all borderline personality disorder sufferers create rocky relationships with any partners.

Some of the signs of borderline personality are the following. If there are at least 5 of the following symptoms then borderline personality disorder can be diagnosed: self-destructive impulses giving short-lived bouts of excitement such as extreme spending sprees or shoplifting or sexual acting out, self-harming by burning and slicing and mutilating skin and bones, turbulent bouts of anger and rage triggered by trivial events, outrageous sexual exhibitionism, possessiveness about partners, chronic fear of abandonment, extreme risk taking, substance abuse, broken friendships.

Similar traits to depression such as negative patterns of thinking and negative emotions and negative behaviour characterise borderline personality disorder. Many borderline personality disorder sufferers can't enjoy healthy and productive relationships. Most of them experience distortions of reality because they have disturbed emotions. Instead of being logical and rational, they can't control their impulses.

One distinctive and clear key symptom of borderline personality disorder is that sufferers of this condition don't have any clear sense of purpose or any clearly defined values. Because they are emotionally turbulent there are short lived periods of employment. As they seek excitement and fulfillment they can't be satisfied. Extreme behaviour leads to changes in religion and sexual identity.

With such lack of commitment to steady and continuous employment and steady and strong meaningful relationships, those with borderline personality disorder often become intensely passionate about new partners. Just as intense is their view of others as either good or bad. In fact, they often have an intense but irrational mistrust of others who they view as having bad intentions wishing to harm and damage them.

Traumatic life events often have damaged individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder to the extent that in many cases emotional abuse and psychological abuse is common. Certainly, many borderline personality disorder sufferers perceive abusive relationships to be normal. In fact they themselves often cause these types of relationships to form by being attracted to others with the same psychological condition.

Lack of social constraints and lack of proper impulse control in combination can lead the individual to develop borderline personality disorder. Being placed in new environments such as the first year at university or in a new urban environment can lead to exposure to become involved in relationships with others who exert manifestly bad and corrupting influences.

Since the cause of borderline personality disorder is dangerous and impulsive thought processes which enjoy the thrill of reckless risk taking or destructive behaviour then being in an environment where they have the opportunity to indulge themselves only lets them manifest the full range of symptoms of their condition. Urban youth are the most likely group to be affected by borderline personality disorder.

By now our borderline personality disorder sufferer can only be treated for this condition by cognitive behaviour therapy. Of all the psychological treatments available, cognitive behaviour therapy is the most effective. From the psychotherapist and patient's view there are benefits. For there is a lot of discussion about why patients can't control their impulses or risk taking.

Far from being the only treatment for borderline personality disorder, cognitive behaviour therapy can be supported by personal therapy. Past events in childhood and adolescence may have triggered this behaviour. Having identified the subconscious motivations which trigger these impulses, therapy can be administered by talking about what is defined as socially acceptable behavioural norms.

Cognitive behaviour therapy into changing negative thought processes and negative behaviour is the best treatment into how to cure borderline personality disorder.

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good information here thanks...maybe this is what happened to the person that shot up the theatre? what a mess we have with so many people taking drugs for mental problems these days...thanks for posting this good article.

  about 8 years ago

very interesting article. Keeps youar attention

  about 8 years ago
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