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Is Air Force Basic Military Training Hard Or Easy? What You Can Expect
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Is Air Force Basic Military Training Hard Or Easy? What You Can Expect

Sir, trainee (insert your last name here) reports as ordered! This is the first thing you will take with you to basic military training. You will use this before speaking when spoken to or before you open your mouth at all during this 8 ½ weeks of pain.

You’ll need thick skin too, Air Force basic military training is not hard but it is not easy either. There will be a lot of yelling from MTI’s, tons of dorm inspections, PT (physical training) every single day, learning to huff your food down in a matter of minutes, G.I. parties (tons of cleaning up the dorm), and attention to minute details over and over again.

Make sure you are prepared for the worst, because no matter what you might have heard about basic, when you do finally get there, you’re wrong. You’re wrong even when you’re right, deal with it.

“Where is your nose boy?”

“On my face sir?”

“That’s right, ON YOU’RE FACE MAGGOT! No reporting statement either, give me 50.”

Yeah, it’s kind of like that for about 5 weeks until you have earned the right to be considered on your way to becoming an airman. You will live Sunday to Sunday, grilled cheeses and Jesus. Even if you are not religious you will appreciate going to church for the 2 hours every Sunday to get away from all the MTI’s.

It will start by breaking you down the first 3-4 weeks before the 6th week when you leave for “BEAST” where you will be without your MTI and will have to run the show yourselves with other flights out in the desert.

All though you may at first think that the MTI’s don’t want you to succeed, they do. If you’re a dirt bag or have a hard time being able to accept being submissive to this though don’t even join because they will recycle your butt quick back to week zero, or worse they will discharge you at no cost. After all the Air Force is in the process of downsizing so it is even harder to get in now days so do your best.

The reality of the whole process is that it is all just a mind game. Where the Air Force lacks in physical aspects of other branches, they will make up with mind games. “Give me your 341 and money list” says your MTI. Watch out for these little forms of trouble because any time you do something wrong they will make note of it on this form and have you sign it later to go into the box of collected 341’s.

They also do not promote gambling or any such games in the dorm when lights go out so you are required to have the serial numbers of all the money you bring in to ensure that it is not floating around the flight or paying people to do things… That’s your “Money List.”

Learning drill will consist of a lot of marching and what are called facing movements. Some people pick it up quick, others look like complete a** the entire 8 weeks, and it makes the flight as a whole look bad. If you cannot march worth a shi* I would say practice well before you leave because you will get called out, and fast.

Air Force basic military training is not hard, but its not easy either, there are many aspects that simply suck...

Let us talk about the sleep deprivation for a minute. This will be one of the worst things you will have to succumb to during these 8 weeks of pain as you will likely get no more than 6 hours a night, and even less when it is your turn to do EC duty. This consists of staying awake to guard the dorm with your fake M16 you will get in about your third week.

Two hour shifts throughout the night, there is always someone guarding the dorm and it will really get annoying when you are woken up at 2 am for your 2 hour shift when you have to be up by 4 am, meaning on these nights you could get as little as 4 hours of sleep. But don’t be that guy who falls asleep during the day, you will be in for a rude awakening!

Air Force basic military training will definately suck for you if you cannot stay awake.

Mess up on EC duty just once, I dare you! My bunk mate and I did and for that week we were put on “the graveyard shift” meaning we had EC duty from 2100-2300 and then again that same night (or morning) from 0200-0400. With a total of about 17 hours of sleep in a total of 5 days we had learned our lesson and never messed that up again!

Phone calls and letters…

You will be permitted to call home for 10-15 minutes once a week at a given time now as it is mandatory for MTI’s to allow no days. Meaning yes, you can bring your cell phone with you to basic, but don’t think it won’t be locked up and kept by the MTI until that 10 minutes a week comes. Sometimes if we were good we were allotted more time, but the first week we weren’t able to call home at all.

Your mail. Make sure that the first thing you do on the very first night you arrive is give your Mom, Dad, whoever you are calling to let them know you made it and are okay your mailing address so they can start sending you letters in the mail. This is one of the best things to look forward to so make sure as many people you know can write to you.

Many times weeks would go by and there would be that guy who didn’t receive any mail.. We all felt bad for him, because getting mail is one of the happiest times you can remember from basic, it means the world just to open up something that says how proud someone is for what you are doing and it will make your day.

It is also nice to be able to go back and read these over again at the end of an especially hard day knowing you are doing this for more than just yourself. Make sure someone writes you often. When you will be able to write letters back will be up to your MTI though so hopefully your flight is good and your MTI allows it.

Warrior week, ahhh this was fun for some but not for others.. One week of field training that consists of sleeping on a cot in a dirt tent in the blazing heat, crawling through mud, using dirty latrines, and living for a week off of nothing other than MRE’s.

My “BEAST” week experience was interesting to say the least, but you will leave there and be happy to be back at the dorms to the slave of your MTI. The bottom line though is to remember one thing, and remind yourself of it often… It is all just one BIG mind game, and you will get through it.

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