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More Questions Than Answers In The Slaying Of Osama Bin Laden At This Time
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The jubilation and joy of finally finding and then killing the terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden has faded away into a more guarded and reserved state as countries around the world start to access the threat of reprisal. The question of whether there will be an increased threat of terrorist attacks or not is only one of the many questions that the world is being forced to confront as reports of what exactly happened in the compound where Bin Laden was found start to surface.

Chief among those questions is whether or not the US will release photos of the slain man to put to rest doubts that it was really him that was killed in Monday’s military raid. The Taliban has been quick to issue statements meant to heighten the doubts that it was in fact Bin Laden that died in that firefight, but rather someone close to him. The most recent of these statements claimed that there was no inconclusive proof that it was Bin Laden and that those who are closest to him have not confirmed this information either.

There are some conflicting stories about how many people were removed from the compound as well, with the Pakistani intelligence insisting that it was only the alleged body of Osama Bin Laden and one other person while the US stated that several women and children were removed from that compound and were unharmed.

The White House Spokesman, Jay Carney reported that the US Navy Seals searched the compound floor by floor, killing three persons, two men and one woman on the first floor before locating Bin Laden and a woman believed to be one of his wives on an upper level. Earlier reports, including those released by Counter-terrorism Chief, John Brennan, suggested that Bin Laden had a gun and may have actively participated in the fighting have been changed at this time with new information stating that he did resist, but that he and the woman were unarmed when US forces came in. The woman attacked the soldiers and was shot in the leg but the injury is not thought to be life threatening.

More questions surrounding the evidence and material that was seized at the compound have also began to circulate. The US reports that some major evidence was recovered at the scene including as many as ten hard drives and half as many computers. They are most curious about what is contained on the over one hundred storage devices, which may hopefully reveal any future terrorist attacks as well as where Bin Laden has been hiding for the past decade.

Those who are most vocal with their questions want to know who has been helping Bin Laden stay one step ahead of US and allied military intelligence for the past ten years. Ironically, the compound where he was found is only a few miles away from an elite, Pakistani military academy causing even more questions.

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