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Do The Magazines You Read Determine Your Healthy Or Unhealthy Habits?
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Do the Magazines You Read Determine Your Healthy Or Unhealthy Habits?

According to several well received studies, the more information you have about health and fitness, the more likely you are to engage in better health decisions. Those studies have found that people, especially women, who subscribe or regularly read certain types of magazines may weigh less, get more exercise and also tend to have far better overall diets than those who read other types. If the magazine that you read can inspire you to eat better or to move more, wouldn't you read more of them?

Celebrity and fashion magazines have been decried as negative to women and young girls because of the unrealistic bodies that are featured there. In addition to dangerous diets that often include near starvation status and drugs, most of these celebrities are forced to endure marathon workout sessions that can leave them exhausted and prone to injury and illness. Those facts are often not included in these stories and the young girls that read them try to attain these impossible "ideals". They may also forget that most if not all of these photos have been Photoshopped at least to some degree.

Cooking and magazines geared toward the "foodie" feature gorgeous pictures of foods, many with jaw dropping calorie counts and ingredients that would make most people clutch their heart medications in abject terror. A recent study showed that people who regularly view photos of this luscious fare, including in magazines and on Pinterest or Instagram were far more likely to reach for that food despite its calorie count or to find a food that they thing is a reasonable substitute for it. That means that simply glancing through those glossy food magazines could increase your risk of overeating by stimulating your appetite and lowering your resistance to temptation.

Finally, health and fitness magazines like Prevention, Shape and Fitness have all been shown to increase activity level as well as to increase interest in other health related topics. In a survey, more women admitted that they were getting new or different health exams after reading about them in these types of magazines. More women also admitted that they started exercising after receiving one of these magazines as a gift from a concerned family member or friend. If the magazine that you are reading is making you move or gives you suggestions for new types of exercise and you enjoy reading it, then keep up the good work. Any where you can find inspiration is a good place to start.

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