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Get To Know Your Body Shape For Better Health
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Get To Know Your Body Shape For Better Health

For most of us keeping in shape with fitness routines and diet plans is quite normal and we enjoy trying different activities even if it’s just once we still give it a go.

For some exercise is difficult for a number of reasons including weight issues, injury and lack of enjoyment when doing any physical activity.

Diet can also be an issue, a lot of people struggle with eating healthy foods on a regular basis or even including fruit and vegetables to their diet can also be a issue but today I wanted to talk about your body shape and how this can effect your health in ways you never considered before now.

If I asked you what body shape do you think you are over 70% of people wouldn't know or would be wrong this is the main issue we should focus on before planning any exercise routine and even more important your diet.

For women there are four main body shapes: Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Rectangle some people argue there are up to 12 types of body shapes however this is ridiculous and completely untrue.

If we focus on the four above some people will be in-between but this is due to fat issues you either have to much or to little but if you are on the correct diet and fitness plan your figure will become more apparent and you will easily be identified as one of the four main shapes.

It’s vital to know what body shape you are before we start planning our diet, each body shape requires a different quantity and food types for example the hourglass would gain weight significantly if she were put onto the rectangle body shape diet.

The next stage would be to consider our weekly exercise routine, each body shape requires different aspects of exercise for example the rectangle body shape needs light weight training to be included every week to shape the body compared to the pear shape this body type needs low impact exercise like cross training and swimming to keep belly fat low.

As you can now see it’s important to know your body shape and adjust your diet and exercise routine accordingly or you could end up just another statistic of starting a new routine and failing after two weeks because you don’t see any progress.

For males it is a similar scenario, there are 3 male body types, Endomorph, Ectormorph and Mesomorph again some people argue there are more and to a certain extent they are correct this time because male body types can be a mixture of two!

The truth is you could be a mixture of two body shapes but you will be predominately one type and you should focus your diet and fitness routine based on your main body shape.

To improve your fitness and diet we have designed a guide for each body shape you can follow but for now if you have any questions or comments please fell free to ask in the box below and if you like this article please share it on your social networks.

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