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Marpac Dohm - Ss Sleep Conditioner Is The Best Gadget To Help Babies Sleep
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Marpac Dohm  -  ss Sleep Conditioner is the Best Gadget to Help Babies Sleep

What is the best gadget to help babies sleep?

While there’s certainly no “magic” gadget to help every baby fall asleep, there is one specific gadget I always recommend, for babies, younger kids, and definitely adults.

This simple, affordable, low-tech gadget is truly magical when it comes to blocking out unwanted noises and distractions, and providing your baby the consistent, relaxing sound they need to relax and fall asleep.

It’s true, getting your baby to fall asleep can be an ongoing battle for many parents.

Between the annoying sounds of dogs barking, kids yelling, sirens, cars passing by, and just the general sounds of everyday life, it can be quite the challenge to get your baby to sleep – no matter what time of the day or night.

That’s where modern technology can help.

I know, much of the data today tells us to limit our access to modern technology in order to help us and our kids fall asleep faster, but this gadget for your baby is different.

This gadget helps your baby’s mind calm down, relax, and eventually fall asleep.

So what is the best gadget to help babies sleep?

It’s the Marpac Dohm-SS Sleep Conditioner - a single-speed white noise sleep and sound machine that masks out unwanted noises while creating a sense of relaxation and calmness, allowing babies to relax and fall asleep.

This sleep conditioner is highly recommended for infants, children (and adults) and can easily be placed on a floor, table, or bedside nightstand.

The Marpac Dohm-SS Sleep Conditioner is the perfect gadget to help babies sleep and it features:

• One single, soothing speed

• Creates the soothing sound of air blowing through a tunnel, often referred to as "white noise"

• Provides exceptional noise-masking tones

• Provides soft background sound so it’s not too quiet in a babies room to hear other distracting noises

• Perfect for day care centers, baby nurseries, and any sleep environments where unwanted noises are an issue

• Made of durable plastic, suitable for home and travel

• Made in the USA

One of the most effective benefits of a white noise sleeping machine is it provides a consistent tone and sound throughout your baby’s bedroom – and a natural, consistent sound that will mask distracting noises that tend to wake most babies.

The Marpac Dohm-SS Sleep Conditioner is the ideal gadget to help babies sleep, and at only 3-1/4" high and 5-3/4" wide, it the most effective sleep machine and sound conditioner for you and your baby.

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