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Pay For Your Seat
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Pay for Your Seat

A Norwegian professor has recently said that, overweight passengers should have to 'pay for your seat 'and also pay more than someone who is lighter and weighs much less.

The professor thinks that airlines should charge according to a persons weight because it is unfair that someone lighter and of average weight, should have to pay the same fare price as an overweight person.

It is also said by scientists that overweight people, cost the airlines more in fuel and that this, releases more co2 gas omissions into the atmosphere. Good grief it seems the overweight larger air traveller should most probably, be banned from flying at all, as they appear to cause so much damage!.

To be fair to a certain extent on this matter, there does seem to be a common overall sense of agreement, that a larger person, will naturally take up more seat space.

In fact there are some airlines, that already, do charge overweight people for an extra seat.

As a person who is by no means sylph like, I have been a airline passenger and noted the lack of seat space for a larger person. I’m fairly sure that, the larger passenger would prefer to have a larger seat and have a much more comfortable journey. I have sat behind an overweight male passenger once and when he reclined his seat, the back of the seat almost touched my face. It resolved to be an uncomfortable travelling time for myself on that particular occasion.

Can you imagine if the professors words were implemented on by the airlines!

I mean, will people boarding the plane have to be weighed in with their luggage.

Are airlines going to have weight graphs and BMI monitors before you can be checked in. ?

A step too far I expect, but maybe, not too far away from, in the future. I’m joking here but seriously how this extra cost, could be administered is difficult to see without having some sort of criteria for weight or the seat allowance.

Overweight people travelling on airplanes are surely embarrassed enough, to have to squeeze, into the unmovable and unforgiving air plane seats and having to ask for an extension strap for their seatbelt

Also if a person boarding a plane is going to have to pay for their size, it throws up lots of different permutations. What about the 6ft 6in tall person whose body does not fit so easily in the seat, never mind the space that they don’t have to put their legs! Will they have to pay for their extra height inches.

Overall I think that, we have to accept that being a passenger on a plane is generally not going to be a comfortable experience.

The future norm would seem to be that, for airline comfort- you will have to pay for it.

Is this an airline idea that is just too plane crazy, or would you think, that it is a feasible requirement to ask of overweight airline passengers, to pay more for their seat.

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