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The Early Riser
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The Early Riser

It's not too late in the year to enjoy the outdoors. Sure the cold wheather is on it's way, but that's all the more reason to get outside and get moving.

There's nothing like waking up early in the morning and hopping out of bed before sunrise, slipping on your favorite pair of running shoes, grabbing your best friend (mine goes by the name of Rusty), and heading out for a morning walk.

Yeah, there's something special about getting an early start to your day that isn't matched my anything else. The color of the sky and how it changes before your eyes is something that's facinated me since I became an early riser. The air even smells different in the morning.

Imagine, the crisp chill of fresh morning air greets you as you open the door to find the sky blanketed with a blue and orange veil. There are clouds in the sky and you find yourself looking up more than ahead because the scene is so beautiful and also wishing you had paid more attention in school when the teacher described the different clouds and gave them all a name.

The Earth is still and quiet but not silent. There are sounds. There is life out. Yes, there is life. The other early risers. The birds begin to chirp and search for food and scavenge twigs and what-nots to build their nests. In the stillness you see things that have always been there, but have managed to escape your awareness in the most recent of years. Wow, how fascinating bugs used to be. They weren't always ugly. And, oh, how many of them look like plant life come alive!

It's amazing. The people here are different, too. It's funny how you never noticed how many seniors there were in the area. Or how fit they are! It would be great to be in such great shape by the time you're that age.

" Good morning," the silver haired woman says to you as your paths cross. How funny. Her voice would easily be mistaken for a high schooler or college freshman. No sign of age whatsoever in her voice.

Then your response of ," Good morning," begins to take on a whole new meaning. Yes, mornings are good.

Ah, youth is good as well. Much like the youthful young lady that just passed you, heading in the same direction along the bike trail. Must be training for something. Then you see the other kids trailing behind her, all wearing the same logo on their shirts. And that excites Rusty.

Have you become an early riser? Has the magic of sunrise hooked you? Oh! The sun is rising! Then you see the old man who seems to materialize out of nowhere. And he speaks. Of course.

" Mornin'," he offers with a smile. " Are you lost?" The question puzzles you and you acknowlege as much. " It's just, well...the look on your face."

" Oh." It's amusing. " No, it's, well... I'm just not usually out this early."

" Takes some getting used to," he offers.

" Not so much. Well, the whole waking thing, yeah, but it's so beautiful out. Don't you think?"

" Oh, yes. Most mornings you can catch me riding my bike along the trail if weather permits. And you know what they say. They early bird catches the worm."

" Is that what you're doing? Catching your worm?"

" No. I don't have to catch worms anymore," he muses. His pace is very casual and his steps are deliberate.

" So why are you out and about so early?"

" Oh, I always wake before the sun rises," he says.

" Why?" you ask sincerely.

" Because it waits for me."

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