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The Happiness Project - Should We Follow Bhutan?
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The Happiness Project  -  Should We Follow Bhutan?

Most people are in search for happiness and still don't exactly know what they searching for. Happiness involves a melange of positive feelings, emotions and thoughts. Happiness is caused by relationships, goals and habits - and not by lots of money. Happiness comes from inside. For me happiness is an underlying positive feeling about life and ourselves that is in us almost all the time and it can be cultivated and learned. I am one of those people whom others frequently call content and happy.

How would you feel if suddenly your government would start caring about your Happiness? If your Boss started to do things to make you Happy at work? If people around you really paid attention to your well-being and eliminate things that upset you? If your opinion and needs would be really taken into account everywhere and all the time?

Think about this seriously for a moment. What are the things that would make all the difference in your days? If you could list few things? By changing those few things your life would be happy and stay happy forever. Do you think it would last?

How would you feel if a certain percentage of your tax could go to things that are important to your and your family's well-being?

There is a country on Earth that measures its citizen's prosperity in happiness not in GDP. A country that opened its gates to visitors only forty years ago. This country is gaining an almost mythical status due to a few very advanced ideas about how life should be. Bhutan has rejected the traditional way of measuring national progress in GDP. This small country prides itself measuring the social, spiritual and physical health and happiness of its citizens and their natural environment. In times when our material world is collapsing, the values and what way we measure progress is failing this tiny country is showing the way to the most developed nations on our Planet. Their King is pointing us to a direction that is more human and less materialistic. It is happening now, when the world is in financial crisis and there is a movement in the world when people are waking up that money is not everything. When people are paying more attention to their health, their family, their quality of life, to their spiritual well-being and their environment. When people are disappointed in politicians.

This small Buddhist nation has put the environmental conversation and sustainability to the top of the agenda for international discussion of world leaders.

Bhutan has successfully doubled life expectancy during the last twenty years. Enrolled close to 100% of its school-aged children to primary school education. Demonstrated incredible development in infrastructure.

Bhutan seems to represent positive ideas in every way. The main principles of preserving cultural traditions, providing equal chances for social development, care and conservation of the environment and fair governing of the country. Bhutan might become the first 'Organic' country on the Planet in times when consumers question the use of chemicals in food production and internationally have the highest incidents of diseases which turn people to organic produce and natural medicine.

Being 'Green' does not only mean being green in environment but it is a philosophy for life and should be part of the education system. Bhutan is already leading the way in education providing 'Green Education' subjects as part of the national curriculum. Meditation is part of the daily routine and soft traditional music is played at school instead of the terrible bells. The Dalai Lama has voiced his belief that if every eight year old would be taught to meditate we could erase violence within a generation in the world. You might question this but I am sure that meditation practice has tremendous benefits, especially if taught at an early age. Being a yoga devotee myself, I have experienced the power of meditation in recent decades so I know, this topic deserves another article itself so I will not go into details right here.

Education in Bhutan does not mean NAPLAN Test and good grades but preparing children for the future in this scary jungle of our destroyed environment and money hungry world. Their education system intends to create 'good people' instead of low EQ business minded professionals with the highest degrees who won't find jobs.

Bhutan is facing huge criticism from the world. I think many nations who are watching this tiny Buddhist country feel that Bhutan and its King have their heart at the right place and represent good old-fashioned values that most of us would like to see that our nations put on the agenda again. However, being one of the poorest nation on Earth, one-fourth of its population living on less than US1.25 per day and three-quarter of the population living without electricity, these ideas leave a lot to demand.

However, even just putting these principals to the discussion table of the world and spreading ideas like these, especially in times when Facebook, Twitter and social media spreads news with the speed of light, people are longing to live a more human life and be closer to nature. Not sure that many would give up their comfort, incomes, possessions, gadgets and change their views on lifestyle. However, we all dream about a simple and happy life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, pollution, stress, work commitments and the power of money and wish to find a better balance in life.

Many of us will keep an eye on this tiny country and pay a visit to observe changes with our own eyes. Some might even go there to be part of the movement and assist this amazing country and its admirable people.

Bhutan, all the best in your endeavour! I wish you would succeed and show the world that having the right ideas and your heart at the right place can change the world for the better!

Cheers, Piroska

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Wow, great article and thanks for sharing this wonderful information about this amazing little country! It's definitely on my 'to visit' list.

  about 9 years ago

Dear Heather, thanks for reading this article and glad I was able to create interest! Buthan is a very surprising place and the people are just amazing. If money was not the God we admire and ruled by, Buthan would be one of the leading countries of the world I believe! Kind regards, Piroska :)

  about 8 years ago
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