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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You
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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

Are you a side sleeper? Or perhaps you like to sleep on your back? Or are you one of those that can sleep flat on your stomach, with your face buried deep into the pillow?

Well did you know your preferred sleeping position can actually affect your health, and can also be very telling about you and your personality? It’s true, according to many sleep experts and a recent study completed by the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.

So what is your most preferred sleeping position? Do sleep therapy gadgets help you fall asleep faster? And are you sending out the right message about yourself every night once you finally fall asleep? Let’s find out.

Stomach Sleeper – “The Freefall” position

• Position: Lying flat on your stomach, hands extended upward around your head and/or pillow, and head turned to one side.

Personality: Stomach sleepers are many times characterized as extroverted and impulsive. They may sometimes appear to be inconsiderate and rude, but they’re actually very sensitive and thin-skinned, and take negative criticism very personally.

Health Benefit: Although stomach sleepers make it more difficult for their lungs to receive oxygen, this position is actually good for digestion.

Side Sleeper – “The Fetus” position

• Position: Curled up on your left or right side. This is by far the most common and preferred sleeping position for the human population.

• Personality: Side sleepers in the fetus position can sometimes be described as rough and rigid on the exterior, but in reality they are kind, sensitive, and are often times shy and reserved.

• Health Benefit: This one is interesting. If you’re prone to sleep on your left side, this can cause additional stress to be placed on some of your important organs, such as your liver, stomach and lungs. So if you’re a side sleeper, many experts recommend you curl up and sleep on your right side in order to take the additional stress off those important organs.

Side Sleeper – “The Log” position

• Position: Lying on either side, with both arms resting down by your side.

• Personality: For the most part, side sleepers in the log position are known to be very social, laid-back, and easygoing people. However one of the downsides to this is they can also be very trusting to anyone – namely complete strangers – so it makes them an easy target to fool.

• Health Benefit: This position typically keeps the spine in straight alignment, which is very beneficial for those suffering from any kind of back pain.

Side Sleeper – “The Yearner” position

• Position: On your left or right side, with both arms extended outwards.

Personality: Side sleepers in the yearner position are characterized as being open to new things, but can also be very cynical and suspicious as well. They may take a long time to make decisions, but almost never change their mind or have regrets after a decision has finally been made.

• Health Benefit: The yearner side sleeper position can sometime help alleviate issues associated with acid reflux disease and even sleep apnea. However, if you already suffer greatly from either of these, it’s best advised you see a specialist for a proper examination and treatment.

Back Sleeper – “The Soldier” position

• Position: Lying flat on your back, with both arms at your sides.

• Personality: Sleepers in the soldier position are many times described as being quiet, cautious and shy. They typically don’t cause a lot of problems or make a big deal out of things, and they oftentimes set very high standards for themselves as well as others.

• Health Benefit: Research shows if you’re prone to sleeping on your back, that may lead to higher occurrences of snoring, difficulty breathing, and possibly even a rotten night of sleep. Ouch. So for all those soldier sleepers out there, if your snoring is disturbing someone at night, try rolling over to your side (or flipping over to your stomach) and you’ll hopefully wake up feeling more refreshed, and also help the person you were disturbing with your snoring wake up much more refreshed as well. Or maybe even consider sleep therapy gadgets to assist you in falling asleep, masking unwanted noises, and staying asleep. They will thank you in the morning.

Back Sleeper – “The Starfish” position

• Position: Lying on your back with both arms up over your head

• Personality: Many starfish sleepers are described as sensitive, and great listeners – and thus can be very good and trusted friends. They’re always willing to lend a hand if needed and generally shy away from the limelight.

• Health Benefit: In much like the soldier sleepers, starfish sleepers are more likely to snore and have breathing issues while they sleep, resulting in a less refreshing night’s sleep.

If you're like many people, even getting to sleep in the first place is difficult enough - much less staying asleep. That's where modern technology can actually assist. There are many top sleeping gadgets that can can help you enjoy a better night's sleep, including sleep therapy gadgets, light therapy gadgets, and even gadgets you wear around your arm or wrist to record and measure your sleeping habits, no matter what position you sleep.

So what’s your preferred sleeping position? Do you have any favorite gadgets to help sleep better?

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Interesting way of sleep. I will pay attention to it :)

  about 8 years ago

Yes, a very interesting science behind our sleeping positions. Thank you for reading the article! :-)

  about 8 years ago

Interesting article, Jeff. Thanks for sharing it.

  about 9 years ago

Thank you Eugene, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the article. It's really amazing how science can relate sleeping positions to personalities. Very interesting indeed!

  about 9 years ago
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