Who Ownes the Federal Reserve Part 2
by Jonathan M. King. The meeting’s constituents were the leading members of the American banking houses, the goal…
Preparing Financial Collapse Part 7
by Jonathan M. King. This article brings us closer to the present day Banksters. Before the European Union was formed,…
Learn Critical Thinking And Reasoning
Thoughtful Evaluation After reading several books and aritcles on critical thinking and reasoning, I've become interested…
Sing Away Your Worries
So what do we mean when we say 'sing away your worries?' Let's look at this in more detail and find out what it really…
Our Place In The Quantum Field
by Jonathan M. King. Albert Einstein showed us with his famous equation E=MC2 that mater and energy are really the…
Programming And Affirmations
by Jonathan M. King. Receiving real new thoughts is uncomfortable to the “false self” or “ego” which is why…
Mind Development Articles (170)
Integrity keeps your commitment alive in adverse situations
Integrity is a state of consistency in actions, ethics, values, expectations and majorly truthfulness, when a subject is exposed to practical situations leading to uncertain outcomes. The word integrity is derived from the Latin, ‘integer’ which means untouched, whole or entire. Integrity is the state of being complete, whole or…
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A Pertinent Quest Of Self: Spirituality
"I was strolling down by road on a serene milieu of dusk, when i met a person asking me if i could tell him where you want to go??, "heaven", I replied. With a pause he said, "Why not hell". Suddenly I brusted " I am already walking through it,…
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What Causes Memory Loss?—prevent It Now!
IMPORTANT: This is an interactive post! Do you always misplace your keys? Forget birthdays? Can't remember a simple shopping list? If so read on, I've got some wonderful tips to help you! Let's take a closer look into what causes memory loss and more importantly, how to prevent it. The…
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Never Go Up Stairs Without Adult Supervision
Freedom to choose is dangerous because there's consequences from making a bad choice or not making a choice at all. Most people don't make good decisions on the regular. Now if you're the kind of person who can make good decisions consistently, then maybe you don't need to talk to…
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It Doesnt Matter If You Are Late
In this 21st century, one thing i have seen on global celebration arena is achievement, otherwise known as success. It doesn't matter how come, all that matter is how well. It is no longer the means it is strictly about what the man can boast about on the table. If…
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Developing A Better Perspective on Problems
Have you ever wondered how to gain a better perspective on things, when perhaps you are in a slightly frantic situation. I was reminded of this just yesterday, because almost exactly one year ago I took on this beautiful building for People Building as our new home and the day…
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Being Offended
You know I never wanted to become that person that says “There comes a point in life when…” because I heard so many adults say that when I was younger. It was a sure sign that they were old and I was young. The ….’s at the end of the…
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The Brain That Changes Itself
“The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge, M.D. is a book that can be debated as to whether it should be found under the heading of Science or Self-help. Although primarily a book of case studies, there is so much information about how our brains operate, and what we…
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Preparing Financial Collapse Part 5
By Jonathan M. King. In the struggle to set up the next charter the Illuminati placed men in all major American Banking houses and Industry. The infection had set in. J.P.Morgan and Kuhn Loeb financiers were in the pocket and agents such as Paul Warburg were to activate their play.…
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Happiness, Wealth And You!
When you hear Self-Help everyone assumes there is a problem or an issue. Many have difficulties understanding the alternative method to gain results. By bringing Happiness into your life and gain confidence- You can reach your potential in more ways then you can imagine. Did you know... that the mind…
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The Power Of the Mind To Heal
The power of the unconscious mind has been demonstrated in many cultures spanning many era’s. There are those people who are so ‘in tune’ with their own ‘self’ that they have healed or created great things simply through, it would seem, the power of the mind. The start of this…
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How To Get What You Want Now
How To Get What You Want Why is so difficult to get what you want? The things that you want are difficult to get otherwise you wouldn’t want them, this is plain simple and easy to understand. Today I am going to reveal to you how to get want you…
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Brain Training
Neurofeedback is a type of training for the brain much like aerobic exercise is for your body. Real time displays (such as a software data program viewed on a computer screen) of electroencephalography (EEG) is used to monitor brain activity measured by frequency ranges and teach us self-regulation. Meaning we…
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What is A Mindmap
So what is a mindmap one might think?It's pretty simple,when you mind map you are literally mapping out what's in your mind. A mindmap is a tool you can use for a myriad of things,to jot down ideas,stretch your creativity,make lists,memorize things,summarize data and the list goes on. So what…
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Open Mind, Close Mind
Do you think you are an open-minded person? Here is a test which can tell if you are an open-minded person, or you are a close-minded person. Question 1: The current education system is totally rubbish and it need a good overhaul, subjects like Calculus and Chemistry should not be…
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Concentration Tips That Will Blow Your Mind
With an intro like that I better deliver! All of the following concentration tips are simple yet highly effective. The most effective tips for upgrading your mind are always the simplest. All of the techniques I deliver have to do with achieving a state of alert relaxation. Or in other…
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Monique Says, Everyones Doing It (adult Peer Pressuree
Does this sound familiar, "everyone's doing it"? Recently on the Monique show, she talks about A.P.P or adult peer pressure. Now, this phrase may not sound recognizable, but amazingly we all go through it every single day of our adulthood. Shoot, if you think peer pressure in kids is terrible,…
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Desire, Knowledge, Understanding
by Jonathan M. King. Understand that all things are mortal including collective ideology. Every single thing is in a state of coming and going, to and from Zero Point energy, and every single things departure from this plane is also a non permanent state. Everything has its own karma and…
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Love And Mind Power
Love. What is love? Love is a feeling that we get when we meet something or someone that we just can’t live without. Love can be kind, love can be cruel but can we control who we love and how we love them? Absolutely. The power of mind control provides…
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The Power Of Memories
Imagine: You wake up one day and you can't remember anything. You can't remember your family or friends, you can't remember where you live, you can't remember your job, people around you, you can't remember what you was doing yesterday and years ago. You can't remember what you have learnt.…
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How To Stop Eating Too Much
Do you love food? Is it difficult for you to stop eating because you enjoy food too much? Has eating too much ruined the physical body that you are striving for? Is how to stop eating too much really that hard Answer, NOT AT ALL. Eating the right amount of…
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How to Socialize Effectively
In order for a society to have a strong foundation and to stay intact, the ubiquitousnessof pleasant and effective social interaction between the inhabitants is imperative. Our interactions not only fulfill our communication needs, but also enable us to carve out rules, regulations, laws, and institutions to live by. These…
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The Better Man
It is one thing to be good and it's another thing to desire that natural competitive spirit towards the second man. That is, every good person really wants to be better but how to go about it has really been a more intelligent task than it seems to appear. It…
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Checklist for buying Brain waves mp3 only
Checklist for buying self help recordings Awareness about how the brain wave mp3 is increasing these days and people have felt the difference over the traditional methods of meditation. These brain waves mp3 only have helped people in improving their concentration, creativity, providing relaxation and sound sleep. These brainwaves have…
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What is a Bad Habit?
Bad habits aside from looking bad, you feel bad (at the end), and provoke damage to both your physical and mental health. Also moving further to achieve your goals and create a internal resistance. Your consent (which wants to leave the bad habit) confronts the subconscious (the boat of your…
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3 Tips For Going Through A Divorce And The Introvert
Websters defines introvert as an individual whom directs their interests to themselves and not to friends and social activities. This can be a difficult idea to accept about yourself when going through a divorce. At a time when social interaction is most needed and beneficial, the introvert is most likely…
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The Memory Palace— Get A Perfect Memory
ATTENTION: This is a interactive post. Would you believe it is possible to gain an almost supernatural ability to memorize things? Well I am here to tell you, YOU CAN! Not only that, I am going to show you how you can do it. Have you ever heard of the…
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Dreaming Like In Vanilla Sky!
People often wonder if dreaming like in vanilla sky or like in inception can happen in real life. The same happened to me when I watched the movie vanilla sky however the concept of controlling dreams became even more popular when the movie inception was released... What I came to…
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Suss Out The Competition
Life is not a bed of roses and it can never be. As long as rain and sun will not seize to function as major competitors, so it will be the need for comparison. But if you compare one creature to the other, you can only found out that none…
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Dealing With Anxiety
I’ll talk you through some of the different techniques that can be used to help anxiety and why anxiety shows up in the first place. It is a completely natural reaction that you should have in certain situations. As a species, it’s as if we haven’t completely evolved so we…
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In this article, you will learn what goes on in your mind every time you want to take action. And…
Our brain is an extremely versatile and complicated tool. Mind power is known as energy which courses…
Have you ever asked yourself who you really are? What path is true for you? How do you really know…
You Are Already A Master Networker You don’t need to read networking books. You don’t need networking…
How many days of the week do you tell yourself: “I love you”. How many times do your hear these…
What I want to teach you today is the very first step to your success. 99% of the people start with…

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