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5 Simple Strategies Improve Your Concentration, Focus And Memory
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As I have gotten older, concentration and memory have become more and more important to me. I wish I had this appreciation for what the mind can do when I was younger, but I even if I did, I would never have been able to conceive what I have learned, let alone understand anything I’ve begun to discover.

Among the great things I have learned, these simple strategies improve your concentration and focus and can lead to a more fulfilling experience from life.

Sleep- when talking about concentration, we must consider the condition the mind is in. Getting enough sleep is crucial for concentration and focus. Not getting enough sleep, our minds will naturally wander and try to get the rest is was deprived of. But caution should be shared about getting too much sleep, as well. There is a fine balance and we are all different, so find a suitable amount of sleep that works for you but doesn’t leave you groggy from oversleeping.

Diet- Just as the mind can be affected by sleep, so can it be affected by the foods we eat. Staying away from fatty, processed foods and eating fresh, healthy foods can do wonders with how we physically feel. It can be impossible to concentrate when we just ate a huge dinner and it is just sitting like a brick in your stomach. Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast to start the day and eat smaller meals more often and this healthy habit could lead to a sharper mind.

Remove Distractions- Having a calm, quiet place to work greatly reduces interruptions, a costly distraction. If possible, find a private place with no one around. Turn off the radio or T.V. and make your surrounding quiet. Some say even having blinders or tunnel vision on the task at hand can help. If reading, cup your hands on the sides of your face to block any visuals in your peripheral vision. Soon you will experience a Pavlovian response and won’t need to use your hands, finding it easier to focus directly on the task.

Play Games- There are quite a few games that can help build concentration, focus and memory. Our minds are like muscles and the more they get worked out and used, the stronger they become. Reading or math games are great ways to keep our minds active and sharp, building a foundation for strong mental health.

Meditation- Meditation has been studied quite extensively for it’s natural benefits that our minds and bodies can experience. Recently, a study on meditations effect on concentration proved to increase in those who practiced. A group of subjects were tested before being introduced to meditation and after 8 weeks of practicing meditation. They showed an improvement regarding staying on task in a stressful environment. It should be noted they didn’t complete the tasks any quicker, but switched from task to task less, allowing them to stay focused.

These 5 simple strategies can help you increase your concentration and focus, but it takes a commitment, too. Nothing in life worth anything is free, but as long as you are willing to put the work in, it can be a rewarding experience, that will pay you back, tenfold.

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