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Apply Two Steps From The Power Of The Mind To Achieve Your Goals Easily
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Apply Two Steps From the Power Of the Mind to Achieve Your Goals Easily

Whenever something strikes us and arouses curiosity we want to immerse ourselves in the subject

and replicate ; whether any event , he creates in us a desire.

Well day by day we see common people who come to realize their goals , their achievements, at an early age

and wonder in automatic :

• We've done throughout our lives?

• What is our greatest achievement?

We realize that we have postponed many small gains that could " have " been in our lives , but such thoughts is playing a trick our minds - as we are programmed to justify our existence , that "productivity" , which resides in the subconscious lack of self worth.

By consequent emotions of depression , sadness and regret come to the surface . Is a product of the processes of the mind seeking evidence to support the question, at the moment we aspire to be like someone , or get that achievement .

So keep that in mind for next time if you feel these words :

You do not complete things !

Okay , there 's nothing wrong , distraction is common, but now that you want to improve these details before maybe not went through your mind the best you can do to begin to do anything is to take Baby Steps.

While that change the way you want to be perceived by the world, reside on actions you take and eventually falls to the question:

Who makes these decisions : YOU !

So if you want to drastically change the performance or the way you perceive the world, could make it with perseverance and motivation , you get to the root, who takes the choices and redefine your identity.

Although think to decide the kind of person I want to be , can be confusing , because many times we do not know what we want , is why we have not obtained the desired results.

So we can do a little exercise to facilitate the transition of your actions towards the destination you've set .

If you know what your destination ( you put your limits :)) , create a lifestyle or simply achieve a specific goal in your life.

Start by asking for a list

What are my dreams, desires and goals in life ?

1. Make a list each listing .

Answer each answer more specific fashion possible

  • What is your dream ?
  • What do you want ?
  • What are your goals ?

2 . Now make a list with the title

" The kind of person I want to be "

Will be a list that meets each of the answers of question:

What kind of person would have to be to achieve this result ?

- When you read each of the dreams, desires and goals that have

previously responded -


I'm the type of person who is discipline , successful with ability to use

with the ability to balance my mind , conscious and subconscious to reach my goals.


And there you will find the answer to your new identity.

Remember to apply the words I AM having a great impact on our subconscious,

our identity , because no one can say I AM more for us.

This you can take as the repetition of affirmations generate positive changes in the subconscious , our identity will attract the desired result.

You can combine the results of this technique with Creative Visualization . to generate a greater impact on subconscious since in low states of brain activity are more perceptive to messages.

Gradually every little achievement, our minds take it into account when the search for evidence of success , so find I attract more of the same , which is why taking baby steps is an achievement and not be improving sleep and then skip to another more .

Define what you want and who you want to be!

Share and exchange your sense that you perceive yourself after making exercise

If you want to share some ways to achieve an easier way

applying the benefits of mind.

Share your comments below !!Vi

Visit the Site: The Power of your Subconscious-Mind

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