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It may be harder to sustain than it is hard to revive but it is a fact all and sundry cannot but appreciate. This is one of the reasons why many people crash out of a race that has almost been completed.

The one time word has always been in the turns for all time men of achievement. You have got to believe in yourself even if you loose composure, confident, in dependency, co-ordination, courage and ego.

To believe simply means to remain in the stream of the knowledge of who you are and not who you have become in the face of series of challenges. Mistakes are bound; temptations at times can drag even your feet beyond the boundaries.

What you get is moments of depression, changing who you are in a jiffy. But you are someone fashioned for great achievement and all you must do is to change strength, I mean take a little look inside of you and remember who you have been and believe that you can do it.

It is not a smart move to think that, not believing in you is only a weakness. Right now I am going to put it to you that it is something you have been doing and you take a choice to do contrary. It means something normal has been in your court all this while. Look at the first two letters starting the word normal, they both indicate progress. Then all of a sudden you decide to go backwards going back to where you first learn how to read and pronounce letters.

Adding the two letters makes the word “Ab” abnormal. It is abnormal indeed to drive your feet backwards and it is even more abnormal when you decide not to think that you can get over it in time. I mean to stop believing in yourself is not just a weakness it is abnormal indeed. It is because you stopped what you have been doing to justify your interest in the land of the living.

When you believe in yourself, you will always found yourself. It doesn’t matter the level of intelligence. Holding on to believe is not also when you become so headstrong. It is not just about endurance. Not always about how persuasive and passionate you could be.

When you believe in yourself, you may not have been the bold type out of the several boldest people in the world yet, you would do more valiantly than that of the strongest warrior of all.

To believe in one self simply means to renew personal strength and knowledge. Tactically speaking, to believe really means to get deeply connected with your instinct and your experience.

It has no rules, it has no limitations but it uses every right feelings and gestures as yardstick. If you’ve to believe in yourself, you’ve got to involve your instinct in all direction and experience where needed.

When you believe in yourself, you only take a bite from self admiration it doesn’t make any significant count like many would term as trying to get obsessed with one self.

Anyway I really don’t mean admiring your flaws I only mean addressing yourself in such a way that you won’t make your flaws your role enemy instead make such flaws of yours your teacher.

When you look in the mirror, you only see yourself at a point in time and for all time you’ll see yourself in stages in the same mirror. That is to show to you that, it is all about you all the way.

If you believe in yourself, you can change history of many years. No black man has ever ruled United States of America until Obama stepped up to meet up with the new challenge. So I guess no event can be more eventful than that.

Obama had some mirror examination of himself. He has always been seeing himself on the seat ever before he got there. So every dream is all about you and what you believe. Do you believe you can make it against all odds, then stand up and take a bow? Submit to the angel in you.

He takes you through every fear of uncertainty and gives knowledge. He knows you can only be afraid of yourself when you have not fully grown out of limitation. He also knows you have to believe in yourself. I am talking about your










10)Decision and more.

These are summed up in one it is called “Yourself”. You have to believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to fail. What matters is how many times you would believe in yourself to stand up to your feet even if you fail? Believe in yourself for that is all that matters. Peace!!!


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