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Cats Cant Fly
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There lived a man in a city. He had all of his life believed so much in learning capacity of any kind. He believes that once you can learn there is nothing you cannot do. However situation proved out a little limitation to that effect.

This man was at his residence when an unavoidable cold war broke out. He was not at the favor because he became a victim. The man had to flee abroad to a place he didn’t know but he ended up in the jungle. A thick wilderness that is. He had no choice than to keep company of the wild beast and also that of low animals. But a moment in his days of wondering led him to take a decision. He decided the companies of the eagle since the only option then was to remain in the wilderness.

Thiago smoothen it out as he made it a realistic decision managing affairs with the eagles. He took his way out of the ordinary to embrace the culture of the animals of course I strongly believed he was having no choice.

Thiago had a cat that was dieing when the incident of the war occurred. He took the cat out to live among the eagles but the cat was reproducing when it was dieing. The cat died afterwards but left behind it kitten. Kitten is called the young one of a cat.

The kitten spent a lot of time learning the way of the eagles. They went out together having the best of playing times. And the man was struggling with how to get out of the jungle I mean the wilderness. But the war continued. I knew he had no choice than to stay put.

As the years went by, Thiago suddenly realized there was a connection between what he was going through and what he has always wanted to do. Thiago has always wanted to learn things and he would want to influence anyway.

The kitten was nurtured alongside the young eagles. Learning was in uniformity as the lifestyle of the eagles came in as yardstick for every disposition of the kitten. It doesn’t seem to have the lifestyle of a kitten anymore because it’s been raised in the eagle’s community.

The kitten grew up anyway and it’s gradually becoming a full grown cat. The cat enjoyed the company of the eagles may be it was as a result of not having an alternative to that I could barely denied the fact that obviously, the cat would love to stay amidst the eagles if it wasn’t as a result of ill-mannered condition. However, the account is that, the cat was almost an eagle.

Couple of times while the eagles were growing up, they would go on a stroll on the field and the cat would join the team really behaving like one of them.

Later on, the eagles grew up to resume the real activities of eagles and the point proved it a reality that eagles does fly high in the sky above. What then becomes the hope of the cat that could do the rest of the activities of the eagles except that it can’t fly?

Truly the cat cannot fly Thiago then emphasized. He said I have seen it all. The cat learn everything it needed to learn but what it can’t learn is what it didn’t have naturally. That is the only thing the cat couldn’t learn. But that is the only thing that makes an eagle a perfect wing animal. With that, there is no end to what the birds could do and that is the reason for the overlapping difference between the eagle and the cat.

Thiago concluded he says, truly education can make you learn anything but not all things are compatible with natural endowments for learning. He said through our wryly stay in the wilderness, my cat could do all that the eagles would do and almost feeling like one of them. The cat believed it was one of them and felt accordingly. But when it was done on it, tears rolled down it cheek thinking friends were been taking away from it. It cried and cried but it couldn’t help even to save it friends really, the cat can’t fly.

The eagles flied down to the cat again and even sustaining in the air. They looked at the cat and gave it a wild smile. Even the eagles were surprised that the cat was unable to fly. They also cried for the cat thinking otherwise. They thought the cat has been knapped. Why is it that it can’t fly? They asked. On the long run, they understood the story of the cat. It is cat that has been living among eagles for a period of years. Now that the cat and the eagles are fully grown, separation came as a result of natural endowment.

Natural endowment comes with natural features which no amount of learning can re-featured. The cat later tried harder to fly but it couldn’t because it doesn’t have the necessary features to do so. That means reality limit it ability to identify rather than struggling to get on top of the game it couldn’t have done if it tries even further.

Obviously, the cat couldn’t fly which shows that it is a liability in the company of eagles. It becomes an impediment in the centre of improvements and developments and that amounts to being an outcast. The cat is not an eagle so therefore the solution is to look for cat family it has been disconnected from in order to join force and foster development in their own God given domain.

Mr. Thiago reiterated. My cat didn’t give me a reason to boast I guess it really can’t fly he said. I thought it will be possible for it to learn the flying aspect of the wonderful creatures. It didn’t learn. Cats can’t fly says Mr.Thiago. But I’m glad my cat can devour the so called eagle within a blink. Mr. Thiago proving to be at mercy of his thoughts for the first time but I guess he was pointing to what the cat would do better than the eagles. Every one has what the second person or creature doesn’t have.

Relating the analysis to the case of human being I think it’s all about locating where you belong according to the rule of creation before exploit. Otherwise, there won’t be room for transformation. It was the time for the cat to transform but it was in the wrong place to do that. If it had been in the right place, something else would have substituted that. Some of us alike should rather contact necessary professionals for talent discovering so that when it is time to cross the line we wouldn’t have to go back to start somewhere we are not even sure of the certainty. Otherwise, we are duty bound to look inwards. (Introspection).

Sometimes it is not how motivated you are rather it is all about who you are and later comes how motivated you are. Reality speaks first, motivation speaks second and reality speaks again to confirm the sure process.

Reality Motivation Reality

First circle describes Reality as identification of resources and domain.

Second circle describes Motivation as drive geared towards the mobilization of available resources.

Third circle ends the process on Reality describing it as perfect result achieved within domain and natural features available.

The more an individual dares the venture, the better and greater he or she becomes.

The reality of the analysis is that both the cat and the eaglet were in a prison cage. There were unable to get out just like Mr. Thiago also ran to escape into the hands of another enemies but these ones proved to be friendly than the former. So Thiago, his cat and the eagles were kept there as hostage.

The young ones of eagles on a different story were snatched from their mothers by an astute hunter but the clever hunter also was also hunted down. Then taking the eaglets from him was an adventure to the lords.

So when it was time for them to escape from the cage, Mr. Thiago opened up the cage, then the eaglets shook their feathers and off, they were to the sky. And the cat was only able to watch the young eagles. Also the cat was not at the favor of position just like Mr. Thiago yet he was able to open up the cage for the animals to escape.

Another lesson is that, being a cat doesn’t mean it can’t not escape from the jungle. The eagles also were separated from mothers at birth still they connected to their instinct to resume who they were when they grew up. However, the only difference signifinifies the necessity of being together as a family.

Truly, the cat can’t fly but he later realized what he could do to stop enemies. The cat located where enemies had being sleeping and it gave them a bite each at least. The poison was fast in action so you can guess what would happen. The escape process was speedier for eagles who only had just resumed flying and Mr.Thiago who incidentally manage to get out from his prison cubicle. So the brave effort of the cat gave them even more courage.

At last, the eagles flew away and the cat and Mr. Thiago also continued their five and six relationship.

Although, the cat can’t fly, but he was able to use it own God given authority to escape. But then it located it resources first before acting.

Lastly, I guess there is a cat in everyone that can do something else other than flying. That means the cat in you may need to render a service for the eagle in you that is just flying. It is still all about a connection in the circle of survival.

The cat agitatively located it mates afterwards and decide to build up an attack against every enemies from their own angle of authority after being told a story by a lost but found member of the family.


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