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Discipline For Change
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Discipline For Change

People everywhere are beginning to realize that self improvement techniques increase the quality of our lives. We all have a desire to look good and feel good. To be happy within ourselves and in our relationships. To develop the confidence we need to tackle everyday challenges that help us to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. Discipline is just one of many techniques for self improvement that can help in achieving our goals.

Developing the skill of discipline is much like any other thing you do like learning the guitar or exercising. You must use that muscle on a consistent basis building up to your desired result. Many start off excited about a new goal only to find that by the end of the week that enthusiasm has been curbed by setbacks and unexpected events that take us right out of the game.

By self examination, some study, and perseverance, one eventually comes to the conclusion that our reality is only our perception of reality. Usually fueled by our feelings and emotions we often let those unpredictable characteristics of ourselves set the priorities of the day.

I was at a motivational seminar practicing an observance technique for self discipline. It's were you watch how people react to questions or situations and evaluate how you would behave if you were in their shoes. A person attending was asked by the speaker why he thought he wasn't able to achieve his goals and the man answered "I just have to many road blocks." The speaker quickly came back with "do you really have road blocks, real road blocks that keep you from moving down the road, or are they incidents that happen throughout the day that eventually go away?" Road blocks were the man's perception of reality. Upon further discussion, he revealed that he really had no more challenges in life than the rest of us face. By examining myself in this situation I was reminded of some of my own limiting remarks and perceptions that I once believed.

Self discipline is the ability to move past your emotions or moods and take action. To consciously observe your emotional state and choose not to indulge, in favor of getting done what you intended to do. This in no way should be thought of as robotic or limiting in fact practicing self discipline can be quite liberating. Imagine the possibilities of loosing some extra weight or learning a new language just by setting a goal and practicing self discipline.

To develop self discipline try something that you can accomplish. It should be something that is near your limit but out of your comfort zone. If waking up a 5:00 am is your goal and your used to getting up around 11:00, try successfully getting up at 7:00 and eventually working your way to the goal. Consistency is the key to building your self discipline muscle. There are many books and websites on the subject. Everyone has a little discipline so build on that. Here's to all of you accomplishing your life's dreams through discipline. Cheers!

Street Talk

I`m a firm believer in will power- the ability to stretch the limits of our reality as far as our mind can take it.

  about 9 years ago
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