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Getting Used To Crisis Is More Fun Than Living For Nothing
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Many times, I get stucked on the imagination wondering if humans truly understand the true meaning of crisis. It is not about the pain you are opened to neither be it about the fear of failure rather it is all about practice. I mean rehearsals. Crisis is a rehearsal. Every step you take in life, you are faced with one crisis or the other.

An infant goes through the developmental stages facing different levels of crisis. You can imagine if a child would have to struggle with fixation at every stage of development, then it means you are telling the child to repeat a previous occurrence and if he succeeds he becomes happy even when the pain is not excused he is happy because he is not doing it for nothing. He says it is better he does it than getting nothing for going through nothing. As the process continues, the child gets better feeling more than ready for another stage. He has been doing it often so he knows how to fix in one or two experiences.

Most of the discoveries we have in the world today are serendipitous. It wasn’t through magic. They had to go through phases of crisis before getting to their paradise. They did not have to complain about the pain instead they consider the possibility of getting result after every trial. So it becomes fun for them. At least they have something to live for. What if they didn’t venture into anything? They won’t be thinking of failure or success and that amounts to living for nothing.

Even if one fails on a discovery, a successor could appear and follow up the pace. But he that does nothing lives nothing for no one to feed on.

It reminds me of the story of a professor whose eyes got involved in the process of trying to get a research done. One thing led to another as he later got more to handle.

The professor was in the laboratory as well as on the field couple of times. However, the story changed for him proving to be more of crisis than usual. He was attempting the usual optimum task on a fateful day. Actually, Mr. Banks was on the verge of breaking the jinx while discovering new vaccine for every stomach related problems.

Precisely, there have been limitations in the environment so Mr. Banks had decided to upgrade the process.

Mr. Banks was deformed. He had gotten his left leg out of shape. Mr. Banks leaped. But he was one of the geniuses in the arena.

Mr. Banks was a professor and at the same time a practicing medical professional who also was a victim of stomach related problems. How come he hasn’t gotten a lasting solution to his problems? Being a genius that he was, he still struggled with problems he saved many from.

Mr. Banks was also blind but he wasn’t born blind. He became a victim within the ticks of 60 still he has gotten no reason to regret even when thousand of beneficiaries have refused to stop singing praises.

On the long run, Banks acquainted himself with the root definition of success so he didn’t allow the success of others to run down his own pleasantries for life. Mr. Banks resigned to giving himself more time than others yet he became a ransom for many while still battling for something he was able to give. The simple fact of the matter is that, Mr. Banks still didn’t accept reality of crisis not until he was pushed to the wall.

One solemn night, Mr. Banks woke up in the middle of the night. He walked across the lines in the room. He walked as though he could single out every feature in the room. He stepped strongly as the one who would perform the task of an able man but he was handicapped. Mr. Banks was stubborn anyway because he didn’t accept he was handicapped so he earned himself a more frustrating life than the challenges many of his friends’ referred to as ordinary. It’s just walking through the storm they say.

Frustration was however classified as Mr. Banks resorted to committing suicide. He didn’t have to think twice when he walked through the little shady path that leads to a pit around his estate. He walked but he falls into the pit.

Mr. Banks expected death to be imminent but he was rescued proving him wrong the expectation of synonym in every situation. Mr. Banks wasn’t rescued not until he was able to ascertain a sensation running through his eyes. He later discovered that, some acidic content in the pit water was useful. He took the sample and conducted an experiment. The experiment proven to be successful. Not only that it was successful but it was helpful in that Mr. Banks regained his lost sight through the research intervention.

On a similar occasion Mr. Banks had a similar experience while he was on a journey. The journey proved to be a tedious one for Mr. Banks. Along the way he broke his legs against a precious stone. The stone was scrutinized and found to be containing some elements useful in the treatment of leg related issue. Mr. Banks followed procedure like he used to do. This time around he was still aiming to help others but something turned on his hedonistic nature and he helped himself instead. Soon after, majority came around and feed on the success.

At the third occasion of a similar occurrence, Mr. Banks suddenly understood what he had been going through ever since. His response then was more realistic than positive. He ever regretted attempted suicide. All he needed was to get used to crisis than living for nothing, he said and he resumed research. He said if I was living doing nothing I would have died with no single invention and millions of souls would be helpless at some points. I am not excluded he said. He said even if i didn’t go blind as a result of the costly mistake in research, there is every possibility that he would go blind one day and he would be helpless at some points. Just like many others. He thanked God for having survived crisis and came out with a cure for certain ailments.

It’s a simple fact that you like me and others won’t want to live without a reason. But every crisis is the reason for the success you anticipate. If you are caught in the middle of the crisis, just say yes to the grace in you. Your experience is an invention the world is waiting for.

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