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How Do Gain Self - Control For Weight Loss
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How Do Gain Self   -   control for Weight Loss

How do I gain self-control for weight loss? For me I feel that having the self-control for weight loss is firstly more about having the right mind set and the real desire to want to lose the weight.

Do you have that desire?

In order to lose weight, then you and I are going to have to possess some self-control and willpower.

But, I question whether I can have, or own the will power or self-control in order to lose weight?

After all it really all depends on, if my subconscious mind will allow it.

Conscious mind

Get out of bed and do some exercise.

Subconscious mind

No thanks I'd rather not, I have no will power

Conscious mind

Well go and get some then?

Hey! If only it was that easy.

For weight loss, the term having self- control seems to have a flaw. The word itself sounds positive and promising, but then it doesn't really deliver on what it says.

My thinking, is that self control originates within our minds, but if so, then does everyone have access to their self control.

This puzzles me somewhat because when I ask the question where does self-control come from; Some people say that it is an innate quality and part of our fixed personality traits from birth. Although others might say that self control is a skill, something we can learn, while, some would say that self control is a lazy muscle that needs to be trained to be used effectively.

There are no clear answers and you have to decide for yourself.

My personal beliefs, are that self control is a personality trait, as similar to those of having self-discipline and determination and that are therefore linked to us as a person.

If this were not the case, then we would not as a human being constantly is failing with losing weight and resisting temptations.

So now, if you believe that, then you know that, it would follow, that for some people, not having this self control to help with our weight loss, that it is going to be an uphill struggle.

If this is you then you are going to need to develop some strategies, to put in place for losing your weight,

For example I find that with food temptations, such as wanting to eat chocolate that It's important not to let the urge to eat the chocolate become too overwhelming. Therefore, if you love chocolate, then you simply, must not have it in your house. It is no good saying to yourself that I can resist it because if you are like me, then that chocolate will become the most important thing that you can think of. It will constantly be saying Eat me eat me!

I also would say that you cannot sit back and wait while you are feeling motivated to take any form of action. Take the action first, then you will find the motivation to continue.

To give you an example, I find it particularly challenging to motivate myself to take some form of exercise. Remembering that action comes before motivation, I now do about 10 minutes exercise in the morning, before I eat any breakfast.

This action might only seem little, but then each small days exercise will accumulate into a bigger amount of exercise over the week..

Remember Action creates the Motivation and will help to give you Self Control.

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