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How To Use The Subconscious Mind
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How to Use the Subconscious Mind

Hi everyone,

I would like to talk to you, about an important topic: How to use the subconscious mind?

The human being is a beautiful creature. In fact, the human being is more than the physical body, it is a living spirit in a body.

Therefore, we certainly need to understand our physical nature, but also, we must study the functioning of the human mind.

Why we should study it? The reason is simple, because,our daily reality depends on the mind (our physical condition, health, quality of life, our finances, our relationships, etc..), they are all the manifestation of the use of our mind. When I talk about the mind, I mean specifically the subconcious.

The subconscious is a creative tool in us. Actually, the genius in The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, represents the subconscious's power.

The subconscious mind is the Most Powerful tool that we could have ... his possibilities are endless. We must learn to control and use all his resources in order to create success and hapiness in our lives.

We must use it in a positive and constructive manner. How? By the power of our thoughts! The role of our thoughts is significant when we talk about the matter of the subconscious.

We must pay attention to the thoughts that we cultivate in our minds. Negative thoughts are poison in our lives. Many people live a hell on earth, only because that they have not learned how to control their thoughts.

The media world is generally negative. The news, radio, television, internet are filled with negative stories and this affects our thoughts and then, our subconscious. When the subconscious mind is affected, it reproduces all the thoughts he has received ...

In order to regain control of our lives, we only have one thing to do: reprogram our subconscious mind with a new ways of thinking.

Final thought

Are you tired of living in poverty, being sick, having unhealthy relationships?

I have good news for you, the solution to all your problems reside in you.

We must have good thoughts for our lives, for our families and for the society. One who knows how to think, is the one who will be happy on earth. Everything is possible, you can experiment whatever you want in your life. The wildest dreams can surely become your reality. It is not a matter of luck or chance, it is rather a question of how to make good use of our thinking.

The solution to all your problems is not outside of you, but inside you ...

Change your thoughts today and change your reality! Your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. You wanna be prosper? Do you want that a miracle happen in your life? Make it happen by changing and get rid of your negative thoughts.

As the bible says in Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…


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