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I Traded Thoughts With My Emotions But The Parrot Corrected Me
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I was caught up in the midst of my thick cloudy moment but i reaalized it was all about my lost of concentration about things that matters. I was feeling blue anyway but iwas wrong to have refused deep wisdom about things that matters.

I proceeded on hurting myself doing the thinking even harder than my strongest imagination but i missed the step all at once. Then i became a tale figured out for lesson in the wave. I was stubborn anyway but i realized still that being stubborn at that point was only being defensive.

As i commence the exercise, a wing creature rolled across my territory, it hanged suspiciously on the cliff. So i took a look or a glance at the ceature. So the creature sloted my thought my thought. I didn't believe what i was experiencing at first not until the bird ran across to another part of the territory i was occupying. I took a funny step i ran after the bird. Just like nearlym would not kill a bird, just a tip away the bird escaped my fury. I was only trying to do away with the amoment by lavishing my anger on the bird.

As the scenario continued, the bird turned to premature hunter. I struggled with skill but all i got was fun out of sad mood. I guess i didn't have a choice but the only available option. So i became a playing partner but to my surprisethe bird laughed back at me. It resisted the move but it came up stronger.

Half an hour had been invested in our playing time, before i realized what had led me to a sad mood on the bright promising day. Sicerely, i was only suppose to go and ask a friend about that partyicular favor.

I needed an amount of money that i would pay back anyway. But time was almost running out so i misinterpreted the process. I became disturbed but i was suppose to continue the searching. At last i got some information from the bird who turned my blue day into search probing session.

My friends met me while roaming and running around a bird of no or little value. But the friend i was actually forgetting her trace of brought me the very amount of money after perceiving something unusuall going on in my own compound.

She was inquisitive to why i was happy. So she asked and i narated the story. She smiled and brought what i was actually hoping to get.

Afterall i didn't get the money when i was down and i may not have gotten even if i was happy. So the point is it is better to be happy than being sad. Happiness make you feel relax but sadness would make you loose concentration. It is not about the bird really, it is about the moment the bird brings it is good to be appy all the way.

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