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Is Money Bad For You?
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Is Money Bad for You?

You clicked on this article because of two reasons. The first reason is you were browsing around on the internet and came across the title and thought, "how could anyone think money is bad for you?" The second reason is obvious, you feel guilty about earning too much money and you want confirm whether or not it’s OK to get rich.

I'll answer both of these questions in a little bit; but first, I want to make myself clear as to what I mean when I say "money". I am not referring to the amount of money the average person makes to buy their basic needs like clothing, shelter, and food. What I’m talking about is the amount of money that makes you feel rich. The reason I don’t state an exact amount is because the “rich feeling” varies from person to person. Some people feel rich with only $100 in their hand; others only feel rich when they are billionaires!

So why would anyone think money is bad for you? Well, this "money is bad" way of thinking comes from the many negative and most often untrue ideas and statements about the wealthy and money in general. These ideas and statements commonly come to you through your family, friends, media, and emotional experiences. As an example, here are some of the most common mindsets about money.

Money can't buy happiness: This is definitely true, but it is still a negative idea about money. While there are many rich people who are not truly happy, there are not very many poor people who are happy either. For some reason, when people come across this statement, they subconsciously take it a step further, that if money cannot buy happiness, it can only bring sorrow to one's life.

This is definitely not true! Which is why whenever I come across this statement, I stop myself and put one extra word in it, (Money [alone] can't buy happiness). This is the true meaning of the saying, and it is, in this way, one worthy of remembering.

Fllthy Rich: Some people have it stuck in their heads that the only way to get very rich is to cheat people out of their money. They commonly use such terms as "filthy rich" whenever they see a big mansion or a million-dollar car. This way of thinking usually originates in a subconsciously jealous mind. Their mind is justifying the fact that they don't have what the rich have, and therefore attach the idea of being rich with the idea of being evil.

This is very destructive thinking, because if you think something is bad, you tend to avoid it at all costs. So what do people do if they don't think money is good? They will subconsciously avoid it!

Money is the root of all evil: I saved the most common one for last. This again, comes from people who have the theory that money is evil. They say this quote comes from the Bible. What they don't realize is that they're leaving a very significant part out. What the Bible really says is:

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Tim. 6:10)

This verse isn't saying that money is evil, and it certainly isn't saying that rich people don't go to heaven. It is merely saying that if your desire for more money is greater than your desire to live an ethical life, (i.e. satisfying customers instead of scamming them out of money) then they basically reap what they sow.

So is money bad for you? I believe the only way money can harm you is if it gets in the way of your values and beliefs. Otherwise, an abundance of money can in many ways improve your way of life and, if you use it unselfishly, can improve the lives of others.

The way any person should think about money is as a reward either for all the things they did for others, whether it be their boss, their neighbors, or the public in general, or how well they've used and developed their talents. This is the "millionaire money mindset" somebody should have when trying to achieve their goals.

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