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Daring needed someone to tell him the next line of action. Obviously he was consciously out of the reality of love for every task. Daring also paraded the major character of an average human, he believes in tomorrow but he is not keen about acting today. However, procrastination tamed an able man making him think there will always be another day.

He believes if he doesn’t love a thing he will love another. But, the only sure thing is everybody and everything can’t love you but you can love everything and everybody. The only weapon in life that is extremely complex.

Everyone like Daring claims that if he doesn’t love one he can love two. Now I really don’t want to get lost in imagination of how Daring would reject one and step over to two. I want to believe that, if one is hated then the love shown to two may not be sincere for it is crystal clear that there can not be two without one. If Daring is would be fervent enough he must love everything he sees.

Daring is a strong man. He lives in a strong city where everyone looks at him from a distance. He fights battles and win mostly all the time. Daring puts up a snobbish appearance just like every strong man does seldom. He is the breath of every glorious living thing around him. He is paraded as the best thing that can ever happen to any society. Daring was nicknamed the “Breathless Love”. He understands the weakness of his dependants so he is always available to fix in one or two mysteries.

From coast to coast Daring’s stamina continuously became a phenomenon. All anthems were arranged after his deity. He was more than one million at a glance. He was able to do what if he wasn’t denied how.

Daring composed himself for another round of battle on a blessed day. Through the sea to the pasture, Daring spread his tentacles. He was sure of another success story without any question of pain in the hearts of all and sundry.

As Daring ponder over the move he was met by a man. The man was full of age. He stepped up to Daring and told him man he said; before you can make another victorious record please try and unlock the gate of heaven. Daring went away full of disrespect for the man.

Daring went on with the battle anyway, he fought but he lost gallantly. He went to locate the spot he had met the man but the man was no longer there. After a while his memory of surviving by all means revived his hope for another victory. He decided to take a step towards finding a solution to his problems at last.

He remembered that he was told to go and unlock the gate of heaven so he was caught chasing everything in the wind. Daring is powerful anyway so he could use his power to accomplish what seems impossible. Gate of heaven must be some where he says I will locate it.

Daring went to the scientist asking for a clue to get into the space. The scientist told him the necessary things and information he needed. A powerful man like him had so much influence so his influence was able even to see him through to the space. Although he didn’t tell his accompanier his reason for the trip but the accompanier was surprise for the attitude Daring had put up so he had to ask him so many questions and Daring’s answers were revealing anyway.

The accompanier told Daring from a scientist point of view that something greater than science accounts for the mystery of the gate of heaven. The man said something is greater than everybody but there’s someone in every where who seem to be in control of things like that. The man said; I seriously think that, this is divine rather than process.

Millions of dollars went down the drain as there were no results for the venture. Adjustment was on the cards as Daring swiftly switched from social to an aspect simply referred to as sacred. Still searching for a way to unlock the gate of heaven Daring took a visit to a temple.

Daring bowed down in the attitude of worship of the God of the temple and as he was rising up his head, the temple attendant came closer to Daring then he laughed wildly he said; what do you think you are looking for? Strong and bold Daring answered he said of course the key.

The key to unlock the gate of heaven. Once again the man laughed but Daring was provoked this time but the man calmed him. He said; relax man you are not far at all from what you are looking for you just need to go back and do the right thing. Daring asked; what do you mean the right thing? The man replied; he said man, go and pray that the will of God be done in your life. Daring went away yet unfulfilled.

Daring took another step. He visited one of the kingdoms in the east coast. On getting there, a woman came closer to Daring and she didn’t stop nosing around Daring until she discovered something hidden in Daring and the hidden thing was hindering Daring’s progress.

The woman said; you are as good as nothing until the grace found you this night. Be cautioned!!! The woman echoed. She then told Daring to go away but he must do himself a favor by seeing everything he does as a part of his own fulfillment of the agreement in destiny. She said; prayer is the key but good works and love is the divine process. Not clearly satisfied. Daring did not get his feelings perfect enough to stop the search.

On a fateful day, Daring went over to a friend’s house and as he got there they got talking. He narrated his present situation of things to his friend. After his friend listened up, his friend laughed and laughed making jest of Daring.

Daring’s friend later suggested that Daring can only found such mystery in the act of love. But he resumed laughing. He said again man, you’ve got to love everything you see but he was still laughing. He said the third time, man I love you do you love me the same way? He said I once read it in the bible that, the greatest solution to the greatest problem is love.

It covers everything they say. More so God is love. If you want to unlock His gate of heaven then you’ve got to love him. But I strongly suggest that since you can’t see God why you can’t love everything you see? Jokingly his friend said and he resumed laughing. Daring was caught wondering about the power in the words that his friend just uttered. He went home confused wondering how a man like that could say something like that.

To avoid more confusion, Daring shared his experience with his wife. He said; do you know what my friend told about finding solution to my problems? Daring said, I thought he was blurting but I found some residing realties in what he told me. He said i should love everything I see to avoid confusion.

Immediately he said that, his wife burst tears. The poor lady lamented she said; did I hear you say everything? She said how I could have been your everything if you don’t see something in me. 99.9% of the country people enjoy the best of your dispositions yet you don’t seem to cherish everything you see. You love everything in them and that is why you are willing to defend their cause. Honestly, I think the next step you need to take will make you love everything you see if you love me once again.

His wife said, the last time you said I love you was the last time you excused yourself from our matrimonial bed yet we were not at logger heads. It’s exactly a year. I had to battle through infidelity to keep our home purified. Of course I can’t risk being an infidel and I can’t also risk the curse involved.

However, the next thing on my mind was the issue of divorce but I considered it the last move to when desperation would have been at its’ peak because you are my everything, if I am loosing you, then I am ready to loose everything to start up with something. Tonight makes the last day of my pending decision and you came up with this. Go back to the memory of the night you called me your everything and love everything you see in me for real.

Daring got the lots of shock of his life. The last thing he expect to be the solution was the latest development from his wife. But Daring understood that, there is a lot of ground for relationship with what he said and what the situation on ground demands. So Daring take up the initiative that very night, he brought back the tears of joy as he made his wife a woman once again.

After the event, Daring was on the field one day when he saw a man that walked up to him. The man told Daring let’s take a walk. But the man didn’t tell Daring who he is or was. Daring followed up like a lamb.

In the middle of the journey, the man turned around and gave Daring a key, he said; with this you can unlock the gate of heaven. At the point, Daring remembered that, the man was the same man he saw initially. The man told me to unlock the gate of heaven before I can claim another round of victory. Daring said. Daring got home that very day. He had kept the key hidden from his wife just as he’s been warned by the man. Surprisingly, Daring was sitting and a man came in through the door .He took the key from Daring an opened up a place he told Daring to come in. Daring went in with the man and he saw people as they were happy, singing and rejoicing.

When anyone raises the notion of war against anyone, these ones come together to see what the souls have done wrong and if nothing was found wrong they held back their anger. But if something was found wrong they call the defaulters to order and if the defaulters were adamant they handed everything over to an ageless man sitting on the throne.

They make prayer to this man to touch the hearts of men with malicious inclinations. These ones defend the defaulters before the one sitting on the throne, saying that the defaulters are only making mistakes, they need your mercy.The ageless man answered and He did accordingly. However, the ageless man remains a perfect judge.

The man left Daring afterwards and he returned the key to him. But one day, Daring was going along the road and he met the man that gave him the key the man asked him, can I have the key or do you still want it the man emphasized? However, Daring understood at that very moment that life truly is a test. With no hesitation, Daring returned the key to the man.Daring went back home afterwards and he became obsessed with the love for everything he sees.

Loving everything one sees about creatures is just a way to appreciate a fellow human being rather than condemn him or her to a fate. Everyone like Daring needs a key and the key is not hidden in the whirl wind it is somewhere around the nose of the finder. I will say right away that loving everything one sees is the only solution to crisis beyond a mere understanding of men. Men should not love to fight instead men should strive to love.

All and sundry should become more interested in strengthening the weakness of one another rather than condemning every weakness and judging every wrong. Daring was busy with someone’ else wrong while his was hindering his success. To me judgment is really not synonymous with correction. You can correct but don’t judge. Judgment would make you fall a victim of the same act you tend to judge.

The act is also about taking an advantage of the influence of every next step. Almost doesn’t count and nearly does not kill a bird. The sense in every next step is all about doing the right thing at the right time. If a man loves everything he sees at the right time he or she will end up saving many rather than condemning many. More so he wouldn’t have to repeat steps.

Daring remain a fighter but he still loves everything he sees. However, Daring desisted from fighting everything he sees.

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