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Memory Improvement Software Doesn't Work!
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Memory Improvement Software Doesn\'t Work!

When I hear someone say "Try this memory improvement software" I sigh. IT DOESN'T WORK, IT WILL NEVER WORK. Sure you might notice a slight improvement over months of using it but the sad fact is it will never get you to the place you really want to be, the place you deserve to be.

Why It Will Never Work

  • They promise results with little effort, there is no free lunch in life.
  • It doesn't work your whole brain.
  • They don't deal with the common sense of memory. Stimulus and response. You NEED something to stimulate a response for memory to work. And they ignore it! It's funny.
  • They use repetition or games that don't transfer back into real life.
  • They give the illusion of growth by "leveling you up" when you are not actually getting any better at memorizing.
  • It takes MONTHS to notice a VERY small improvements, that aren't even worth the time you put in.
  • They were most likely not developed by people who have a strong background in memory training.

What Does Work

  • Tried and tested memory techniques, that have been around since the dawn of time.
  • Systems that show you how to memorize real life information and how to incorporate it in daily life.
  • Systems that SHOW you REAL results because you are doing it with REAL information and not a "game."

How To Spot Ineffective Systems And Scams

  • They offer a "magic pill" without acknowledging there is real work involved.
  • They don't have a place for you to connect with members of their course to ask how it has been for them. This is a big one. Anyone can fake a testimonial. Or buy one.
  • They don't offer practical training but instead a "e-book" or something else they probably just paid someone to write.
  • They don't have a strong support team to help you through the tough times on your journey.

Cold Hard Truth And A Heart To Heart Talk

Real memory improvement works your whole brain. It is hard work that gets easier with time. I know you want the "get rich in 2 months" but it is not like that in the real world, only the fantasy lands. You could get rich in 2 months, but you most likely won't. Luckily memory improvement deals with inner state and not outer reality so you could get a phenomenal memory in two months IF YOU WORK HARD. We are talking blood sweat and tears, you don't get the level of memorizing entire books by sitting on your couch doing nothing. Are you a do-er or a fantasizer?

Street Talk

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