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I thought deeply about my wayward style of life and I realized that I haven't been real to myself. Sincerely, this is one of the reason I have decided to choose this black on white path. After-all, I write what I believe, I write out my fears , I write my opinion and my passion is salient. This time around it is all about my fear so it is beyond opinion.

A death reality rocked one of the biggest industries on the planet earth and it's really getting to me.These are my reasons; One is about the passion I have for information and reminder but this time around it is about my dis-stress and fear.

Why do people die? But mostly, I should honestly ask why do people die when they are at the peak of their career? Death is a thing to fear not a thing to fear to avoid. You have to be fearful to make possible corrections but your fear shouldn't make you develop phobia for death.

It is so painful when people die but it is more of a painful experience when achievers die without exhausting the harvest of benefits.

That is, should we fear to achieve so that we won't die with pleasures that is still fresh in operation? Or should we achieve and be passive about death? I know the two questions may really not catch the attention of average men on the street yet, that is what everyone often performs in the closet. Obviously, we need a balance.

This is why I am writing. Death is inevitable but one can make it memorable that we'll depart someday. We can create a path for others to follow when they give meaning to death.

What does it ask when it comes? Your contribution but if you are short of words, it questions your unawareness. I know what it is when people are about to face the reality of death, they seem to ask for more time to do something better than they have done.

It means you have to be mindful of the next minute. It is a visitor that you hardly invite and you really need to be mindful of it. It only helps one to tidy up one's whole being and performances before the sun goes down on someone.

The reality is rocking the industry as I write and it is almost like reality should be replaced. The soul is gone and the survivors seem to be fearful of whose turn is next. That is why they are there, to be mindful of the menace and submit every thing to reality.

All and sundry should create a place for the reality in their minds. Death can be painful that is general, death also can be memorable that is phenomenal but death is unavoidable and that is real.

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