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On The Road To Utopia
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Life is always a struggle in between a wheel and a balance. There are wheels within wheels in the issues of life. Sometimes it is either you are stopping where others are just starting or starting where others are stopping. It doesn’t matter how long you have to stumble on what you really think you should know. It is all about imagining you not becoming a second best in all situations and so there is no excuse for reality.

A man opts for the best but, he gets caught up in the ocean of zero recognition. Hope is lying out there for he must embrace, the road is proving difficult and amazing yet utopia is not about options rather it is all about the road you must take.

He complains of tough times yet, he is not willing to say never. Something feels so strong on his personality. May be he is compelled to follow a path on a journey he really doesn’t know. Although he knows a treasure when he sees one. So he is able to set the wheels on the road for a journey he cannot but love to embark on

Honestly it is pretty funny to understand that man has recently and suddenly formed the habit of willing to eat his cake and have it. I understand too that man may have forgotten that the whole race is all about getting better every day. And man wishfully had imagined becoming the best. But when man sees how calamities rock the true fighting soldier, the experience makes the second person invent a second choice. An invisible choice that is. He runs hot and cold and if someone reminds him of the reason for the season, he struggles with the wheels. At least he knows he might be sleeping on the wheels. Of course he knows at the moment that he is on the road.

Truly I sincerely subscribe to that truth about the current situation. It is hard to survive the hurt of the thorns among the green leaves but it is possible and awesome to make the target on the perfect day.

Temptations rules the hidden moment of ones journey. And when it becomes more usual, fear sets in. It is now a question of an unwanted inclination. You might be tempted to believe that, there is no help for your soul in seol where as such is synonymous with the profile of road users. You are on the road to make yourself a better self, it takes a little while and if you continue on the road you will understand that wheels have break you can apply when you see an obstruction. You will continue after the break anyway but you must have learnt how to use the break better. That is you must take cognizance of the situation around you and apply the concept of “Road review”. It means stop what you are doing presently, scrutinize, prepare another schedule and continue the journey.

On the road to utopia, ridiculous advances are not excused because that is the reason why the journey is initiated. If you are already a lord on the aspect why then are you still fighting it? If you already have a treasure, you wouldn’t bother looking for one. Such will come because there is something pointing to it around you. You may have been on the road without an extra wheel tyre and so there is every indication that when a problem that has to do with the use of extra tyre arises you won’t be too happy to be reminded how careless you have being. It is just about being human and your carelessness signifies that you are on a journey which denotes the fact that you only need to pick up a lesson or two towards a better day. The journey continues. This is particularly for you, you are here to walk, run and rest on the road. Time and tide has specification for each action.

An angel is the one of a significant rescue figure you can imagine, it is impossible to fly up in the sky when you don’t have wings. So someone’s wing can be of a tremendous support if you believe in the fact that road users don’t bank on their self effort 100%. Road users like you and i must understand that the road may demand for something you won’t have at a moment and all you can settle for is the help of friend like your angel when the road will ask you to turn back claiming that the only way you can continue is when you turn to another way. Definitely I will not ask you to tell if there was another road to follow when the people of Israel were led through the red sea. The sea had to part. The same sea requested that the people of Israel should turn to other road. I honestly believe that if other road was implied it may account to the fact that they’re cutting corners. They were on the road to utopia and the road needed is the road assigned to the true test of the awaited reward. If you really don’t understand this separated part then you may need a word to confirm. Please don’t settle for never on the positive rather on the negative, do it. If you understand the reason for taking a road, you really don’t need another. One thing is sure and it is simply “there is a need for help on the road”.

Apparently, utopia tolerates no foibles on the day the target is terminated. So I think it is better to bring on the armor since it is mandatory for you to make up ‘leeway. The emergence of a desperate articulated effort is the consciousness you’ll gain to make up for your sleazy ways. Heaven tolerates no excuse. On the contrary, heaven gives choice for excuse. Really I think the gesture has got a lot of goodies in it. And the road has got a lot of “flash bulb memories” in it. The memories will be needed by you for a pleasant reflection on the day of reckoning. No one will describe you as good until you are fully made for that reason, no one will recommend another road for you if the road designed for you has not been duly exhausted. At least you will be able to tune into your abundance.

If you are supposed to work out your distinction, there is no other path to achieving that except through hard work and commitment. Dedication is an addition, perseverance is an assurance and being faithful is the needful.

Utopia is about imagination but imagination is about the dream you can make come through. And if you labour on an attitude, the least you can get is satisfaction. At least what one can imagine is what one live or die for and what is obtainable is all that one can standardized.

The way a man is formed has a connection with every reason for grooming. So therefore, on the, road there is always a moment to say I’m tired when situation would tempt you to say I’m fed up. The difference between the two is that one recognizes that man is meant to assume responsibility for whatever why the other disregard man as independent. The road is meant for the minds that can perpetuate sovereignty without a mull to compromise.

The road is all about you and somebody. There is always someone to stand in between you and all and sundry. It is either you are connected to, through someone or you are through to some people who will turn you back to someone. I am saying that when you are on the road, you are always at the mercy of someone who you just found needing at a point in time. It is either you understand the truth via simple direction or you do it through an undying experience. You will definitely need to connect to all.

Utopia attracts attention of like minds so I guess it’s all about the best of result you would get when you trace mates in brains. It is not really about brainstorming the selection is natural I guess you only need to study your type and identify yourself with your similar type.

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