Our Place In The Quantum Field
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Our Place In The Quantum Field

by Jonathan M. King.

Albert Einstein showed us with his famous equation E=MC2 that mater and energy are really the same thing. It stands for Energy = Mass x Speed of light squared.

Form or mater is gathered or condensed energy, within a field of less condensed energy, kind of like the meat balls in the soup. At the same time form is constantly emitting and receiving energy, the energy received is kind of like food and the energy emitted is our barrier or force field with which we communicate with external energy and maintain our own separation from it. While I am sitting on this chair I am not really touching it. The cells in my body are made up of atoms which are attracted to each other because they have the same vibrational frequency which is caused by the way certain energy vortexes rotate within its space, these are called photons and quarks. If you and I see a human or a chair we see something with mass and weight. If you could get close enough to the individual atoms you would see nothing. Atoms are made of energy- everything is made of energy. Mass and weight are illusions we use to make sense of the world. Sure we still abide by Newtonian rules but that’s because we project our understanding of the world onto this hologram like plain.

On this plain my body is held together by the vibrating signature of my atoms as is that of the chair. We don’t touch because our atoms and cells are emitting an energy field through which they communicate, either attracting or pushing away other atoms or cells. This allows me and the chair to co-exist and not to turn into a –chairjohn. We don’t mingle, we both have a force field around us. We know this because it can now be measured but if you like another example think of organ transplants. They have to be as close as possible to the same DNA code and the best organ comes from a relative, even then they often get rejected within a short period. This can only be explained by the difference in vibration of atoms, they don’t share the same signature. Why else would a healthy heart suddenly decide to quit? Its environment? This is of course the reason why science would love to be able to clone organs but cannot because of the religious fuss around the issue.

A very simple but different example of this interaction is the chicken! It receives a signal from its environment in the form of a photon, light, through the eye. The light activates a photo receptive gland which in turn activates the release of an egg cell. At the same time a small disk is released to provide nutrition, the yoke. The chicken uterus fills with egg white whilst a membrane forms around the uterus wall. With the addition of water, calcium and salt a shell is formed. Pretty soon it ends up on your breakfast table. So when the question is raised what came first the chicken or the egg you can know comfortably say light. In this example you take it for granted because it’s a chicken, but think of the broken down version of what is going on in terms of a complex organism receiving a wave of energy through space from an external source thus reproducing life.

Integral Membrane Proteins, as previously explained, are the proteins that traffic information back and forward through our cell membranes. They respond to signals within the environment such as sound, light, any kind of wave form or energy field.

{30i}The membranes receptors are the equivalent of sensory nerves, and the effector proteins are the equivalent of action-generating motor nerves. Together the receptor-effector complex acts as a switch, translating environmental signals into cellular behavior.

Just as energy is being trafficked to and from outside, there are energy channels within the body. Practitioners in natural medicine have known of the importance of energy fields and this interaction between our cells for hundreds of years. The Chinese have been working with energy channels in the body through acupuncture literally since Christ was a teenager.

{30ii}These energy channels have recently been “discovered” by western medicine exposing protein to protein interaction within cells.

We in the west use these energy emissions and recognize them within certain boundaries. For example we say they exist when we want a CAT or EEG scan or an X-ray but then we say they don’t when we need to prescribe medicine to cure a patient. Quantum physics recognizes them but the pharmaceutical industry won’t (sometimes). In fact medicine only rejects their existence because the large pharmaceutical companies look like they won’t be able to sell their drugs which are designed not to cure the patient in the first place. When the pharmaceutical industry can use them to prescribe medicine, such as with an x- ray, then voila, they acknowledge their existence. Western medicine only deals with symptoms.

My excuses I have to complain for a minute!

An Example: At the moment I am working with autistic kids and we are forced to medicate them with drugs prescribed by doctors. The drugs are combinations of anti-psychotics and anti epileptic muscle relaxants generally but there are a whole host of others. The side effects are devastating and in some cases while they remove symptoms (not the cause) they create other horrible side effects. Here is a list of side effects caused by Diazepam, just one ingredient out of the cocktails these kids get 2 or 3 times a day:

{31}People using this medicine may experience the following side effects.

• Drowsiness.

• Drowsiness and lightheadedness the next day.

• Confusion.

• Shaky movements and unsteady walk (ataxia).

• Loss of memory (amnesia).

• Unexpected increase in aggression (paradoxical aggression).

• Muscle weakness.

• Dizziness.

• Headache.

• Slurred speech.

• Tremor.

• Skin rashes.

• Disturbances of the gut such as diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

• Difficulty in passing urine (urinary retention).

• Urinary incontinence.

• Visual disturbances such as blurred vision.

• Changes in sex drive.

• Low blood pressure (hypotension).

• Blood disorders.

• Jaundice.

What is it used for?

• Short-term (two to four weeks only) treatment of severe anxiety that is disabling or subjecting the individual to unacceptable distress.

• Short-term (two to four weeks only) treatment of severe insomnia that is disabling or subjecting the individual to extreme distress (oral forms of diazepam only).

• Night terrors and sleepwalking in children (oral forms of diazepam only).

• Relieving anxiety and causing sedation before surgery or medical procedures (pre-med).

• Managing symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol (used in combination with other treatment for alcoholism).

• Controlling convulsions (fits) caused by poisoning (intravenous and rectal forms of diazepam only).

• Controlling repeated fitting with no recovery of consciousness between seizures (status epilepticus) (intravenous and rectal forms of diazepam only).

• Fitting associated with fever (febrile convulsions).

• Controlling muscle spasms due to tetanus or poisoning.

*Notice doctors also prescribe this for sleep walking children, wouldn’t a rope around the ankle be better? Long term use of these drugs also create severe liver damage among many other things!

Catch 22. There is another group in Holland working with Autistic kids using Biological diets and gluten free food in combination with herbal and holistic treatment. They are a Rudolf Steiner / anthroposphically influenced treatment clinic. Their results seem to work well, In fact I treat one of their kids in my group, he spent his entire childhood in the Steiner clinic and he has a calmer nature, is a happy kid, never has epileptic attacks and is not suffering from the same internal struggle as the rest. I am sure this will soon change as we have him on standard drugs and a bad diet now.


Returning to our cells Lipton talks about his aha moment which he experienced when he was defining cell membranes: the cells membrane is a “liquid crystal semi-conductor with gates and channels”. Thinking he’d heard that before somewhere he pulled out his PC manual to find the definition of a chip to be:

”a crystal semi-conductor with gates and channels”. The cell membrane was a structural and functional equivalent of a silicon chip! The first big deal that comes from such an exercise is that computers and cells are programmable. The second corollary insight is that the programmer lies outside the computer/cell.-Bruce Lipton.

This is big news. This suggests we are here in physical form while our actual spirituality is external in nature. This whole business of consciousness is going on outside us!

I think if we add a little quantum design here we come to some exiting conclusions. Atoms are made of energy spinning in space. These guys are called quarks, neutrons and protons. In fact most of the volume of an atom is empty space but the energy within causes a vibration signature. Other atoms with the same signature are attracted to the first atom resulting in the building a sort of object or intention. You. The intention is a sort of conduit or platform floating in a soup of energy and potential.

Where does the platform come from?

Strange quarks are a good example of the weirdness which goes on at this level. These are particles within the atom which appear and disappear in and out of our reality. Where they go or come from no one knows. It could be that just as our intellect cannot comprehend time in the same way as our subconscious, we cannot perceive this extra dimension in to which the strange quarks dip. In fact our Newtonian rulebook goes out the window when we get down to the atomic and sub- atomic level. At this level matter does not exist, it has a tendency to exist. Atoms, when approached from the point of view of mass and weight, behave as matter but when they are observed in terms of voltage potentials and wave lengths, they display the characteristics of energy. Matter, just like our strange quark, comes from nothing, seems to be an illusion and doesn’t really exist at all. The intention is the key to guiding the potential in our bowl of soup, and although we cannot measure where it comes from the best hypothesis suggests that the intention originates from Zero Point energy but the mind of god would also be an acceptable term, again these are only words. Zero Point energy is everywhere throughout the universe, travels faster than the speed of light, is not effected by gravity and contains all the information needed to create perfect form. These properties place it firmly outside our dimension.

What is the intention or platform?

A SOEF! A SOEF is a Subtle Organizing Energy Field which exists just below the speed of light creating a link to the dimension of Zero Point energy. Everything has a SOEF, this is what holds our world of form together through which Zero Point energy is transferred in the form of a Tachyon . Tachyons exist just above the speed of light. The SOEF allows the Tachyon to make the quantum leap into the realm of frequency and it is the architect for the combination of frequency required to create form….YOU. The different vibration of an electron creates different connection thus creating different atoms, bone or muscle. There is a constant stream of Tachyon energy being converted into frequential energy to maintain form. Due to the speed at which this is happening and the fact that it all exists outside our three dimensional world, we cannot perceive it, but mathematics can. The SOEF is the bridge between our world with its limitations and parameters, and a dimension outside of those very same parameters. The holy ghost if you will. Dr Bruce Lipton came across evidence of external tampering with life when he placed three identical groups of cells in three Petrie dishes. Each Petrie dish had a different environment but the cells were identical. One group of cells created bone tissue another created muscle and the third fat tissue. And don’t forget the similarity between our cell wall and the computer chip, just as we download our intention or spirit, something external was directing the tissue formation in Lipton’s experiment, the environment. So now we have hard evidence from different fields of ground breaking science, coincidence?

Let’s summarize what we now know:

Epigenetics tells us:

-Our cells are like computer chips responding to external information.

Quantum physics tells us:

-We are surrounded by a sea of energy/potential/information.

Psychology tells us:

-We posses advanced hardwired drive systems (some with precognitive ability) and the ability to communicate on a quantum level with our environment. This we do for the greater part subconsciously.

As long as my body is alive it is feeding on the space surrounding it. The intention which created me comes from an external source, our sea of potentials with energy popping in and out of existence between dimensions. The moment I die, I stop feeding on my surrounding space and my body is no longer a conduit for the intention- my spirit. To put it as simply as possible, The SOEF has left the building. Understanding how our world works is the key to making it work for us. Just as we use wood and metal to build structures in our material world we can use our minds or conscious will to manipulate the potential which surrounds us. After all, the illusion is the matter, not the potential. If we can master our state of being and connect with our environment as the list above insinuates then we shall surely experience our evolution into the quantum age of Aquarius.

*Matter is densely pooled energy experienced as mass or form, in our case= HUMAN & TEMPORARY.

*As a vehicle for zero point energy, energy in space is a downloadable wave form within our environment = SPIRIT & ETERNAL.

*Energy expressing its self as individual is all about vibration= INTENTION OR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Our material world is obviously consciousness experiencing itself on the physical plane. When we die another human is born with the same vibrational identity whose receptors are ready to feed on the environment all… over…. Again. Similarly, if we have achieved our karmic goals within our lifetime, our vibrational frequency shall vary upon return allowing consciousness to continue on its journey of investigation thus giving us new karmic goals upon return.

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