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Overcoming Your Fright
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Fright is a condition caused by emotional disruption, triggered by fear. The response is always seen on the body inform of sweat, wet palms, increased temperature, shaky body, shaky lips, shock , and internally; increased blood pressure.


It all starts from the mind region. The mental/ mind network of any man is responsible for his response to any form of stimulus per time. The mind of a man is an invisible network of well structured DATA. Self esteem is a function of the quality of what you think about yourself. It is the estimation or estimates of yourself by you. These estimates grow to become estimator of who you would think you are. Therefore, when the mind receives a stimulus or information, the estimator judges the information or stimulus in respect of who is sending it and hereby emits the response according to its judgement. If the estimator rates the information as low, it emits a feeling of high self esteem, and then we feel super comfortable with the situation. Otherwise, if the estimator rates the information as high, it emits a feeling of low self esteem, and then we feel less comfortable with the situation.

This rating declares information to the brain and the brain sends the information to the body, the most sensitive part of the body begins to act in response.

Now fright sets in when the estimator rates the information sender or priority, high/higher than the receiver, which results into the emission of a feeling low self esteem. This rating declares the information to the brain and the brain declares the feeling of “FEAR” to the body systems. The most sensitive body system(s) begins to act in response. Most of the times shaky hand or moistened palm is the response for many people. If words are spoken, the lips could be shaking. It could result to loss of useful or relevant information. Ultimately, fright is a product of low self esteem.


1. LOAD YOUR MIND WITH POSITIVE INFORMATION ABOUT YOU: the information contained in your mind about you goes a long way determining your personal confidence. When the negative contents supersede the positive ones, wrong feelings begin to take charge of the mind. Loading your mind with positive information about you enables your mind to emit good feelings, expressible through the body system to enhance relax mode which stabilizes mental activities. A troubled mind is feeling produced by negative contents, radiating ultimately round the mind. Such mind disorganise the right mind set and as a result reduces the ability to coordinate communication effectively. Load your mind with positive messages about you per time; this will be boosting your confidence level.

2. INSTALL THE FEELING OF EQUALITY: humanly, everyone is equal! Every human has the capacity to talk as much as the capacity to be dumb. Every human has the capacity to be anything human can be as much as anything human cannot be. You must understand that no matter how rich, poor, big, small, good, wicked, fat, slim, or whichever way a man appears, you were not created to be worse or better than them, even if you are. Experiences and opportunities differentiate us. But anyway, what I have, you may not have likewise what he has, she may not have and what she has, he may not have. Therefore, having the feeling of equality helps you maintain a convenient relationship with your counterpart. Fright sets in when a feeling of “less than” is operating in one’s mind. Even if you are to communicate with crowd, you must learn how to do so on the fact that the people like you make up a crowd. Be less conscious of the status quo. This feeling of equality enhances your confidence too.

3. ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: the strongest encouragement is the real personal encouragement while the most wanted encouragement is the encouragement from other people. Most time we get downsized by other people’s good conditions, opportunities, positions.etc and this feeling tend to induce us with wrong information about our self. In times like this, we need to encourage our self. Personal encouragement tends to show how much you believe in yourself. Encouraging yourself could be, beautifying you with the hope of good things. Fright is a feeling of protected and inactive strength and it is a false report. Courage is a feeling of unveiled and truly active strength. Courage makes you go at risk, work at risk but finish at the best. Courage can turn your mistake to a style. Courage is the visible effect on a good self esteem. When you see a man with good self esteem, what you see first is COURAGE. Encourage yourself.

4. BE PREPARED TO PRE-HEAD: when you are meant to go for an interview or you’re meant to write an examination or you are meant to speak to a group of people (professionals or illiterates) or anything that must involve you and a counterpart, you must be prepared so as to pre-head the activities involved. Pre-head here means, to be ahead before they are ahead. If a musical artiste must perform in a show, he/she must have rehearsed effectively in other to have a well arranged performance. Therefore when he gets to the stage, his preparation (rehearsal) tends to place him/her ahead of the audience. That is the reason why audience tends to sing what he/she sings not he/she singing what the audience sings. When you are prepared, you hardly get scared or frightened because you feel you are ahead.

5. PORTRAY THE BEST APPEARANCE: your appearance can help you win the fear of your audience or counterpart. Different occasions require different look or appearance in terms of dress mode, posture, neatness, carriage, face condition (smile or frown or serious), etc. You need to learn to know the nature of the appearance(s) that actually fit(s) different occurring occasions. You appearance must be defensible and reasonable enough to your audience. For instance, a pastor has enough time to give his audience his reasonable reason for appearing unhappy before the pulpit if at all he did so. But in a case where you are give very short time say 1minute to answer a question, you need to be sure of the appearance you put up because the time may be too short for you to answer the question and defend your appearance. But the appearance itself must fit the condition of answering the question. Portray the best appearance that neatly fit the condition on point. Nice appearance makes you feel good. Appearing with smile on your faces, good posture, nice and comfortable body carriage etc help you beat down the feeling of fright as well as earn you respect from the audience.

The five elements listed above are effective enough to help you overcome your fright. Fright can affect one’s maturity badly. Good combination of these points above will greatly help in gaining power over your fright.

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