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Remember Your Dream
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Remember Your Dream

I find dreams fascinating.

I suppose this is because I say to people that I rarely dream or that I dream, but that I can’t remember my dreams. It is said that everyone dreams, yet there is no real scientific proof that this is true. Clearly I go to sleep and therefore will enter the rapid eye movement stage of my sleep (REM). Rapid eye movement apparently indicates a lot of brain activity and the likelihood of dreaming. If you or I wake up during this REM phrase then you are more likely to remember your dream.

I have a theory about dreams. I think that dreams are just the product of an over excited mind. This is because that I cannot imagine that the brain goes to sleep when we close our eyes. I mean how does the brain know the difference, between, when you are asleep or awake.

If it did know the difference, then the brain would not function fully when you closed your eyes and yet it does.

If dreams are like an extension of daydreams that you experience during the hours you are awake. It seems to make sense to me that if your thoughts are about a certain subject when you go to sleep, then they are still there when you are asleep

It then follows that the brain and your mind are functioning in exactly the same way as normal. The fact that people dream is probably the brain putting all the thoughts and processing the same information as normal.

This information is then remembered only briefly as a dream. This is because the brain does not always recall the dream, because it is stored in its short term memory stores. This would explain why I don’t remember my dreams but alas, does not however explain why some people remember their dreams so vividly.

People think there is some great meaning to their dreams and they are constantly searching for answers. They also think that what they are dreaming about will come true, but why would it?

People want to know what there dreams mean and will look to any methods to try to find this out. It’s like they think they have been specially chosen, to find out the meaning of their dream for all mankind!.

So what if someone purports to tell you what your dream has meant. Are you going to change your life by this! Unlikely, as the explanation probably makes little sense. For example someone dreams that they are being chased by an ogre. The interpretation might be that this person is trying to run away from a problem and need to attend to it rather than running away. Surely the explanation is subjective and a whole host of different meanings could be applied by different people’s perspectives on the matter.

If you are being disturbed by your dreams and they feel very negative then it is likely that these are arising from the thoughts you have had prior to sleeping. If you have nice feelings dreams then Great! You probably have have good thoughts before going to sleep.

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