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Sure we all would like to be paid like celebrities, doctors, lawyers, athletes, even like politicians. The problem with that is to get paid as much as those professions, you have to go into that profession. That is not the calling for most of us. Although some of us try anyway. From our parents forcing us, or we just want to be part of the cool kids in society. I think some people learn the hard way. Just because you go to law school, does not mean you are going to be a big time lawyer making the big bucks.

They find out the hard way that they are miserable trying to be something there not. Which is OK, and not the end of the world. I think it would behoove parents to realize that before making their kids life a living hell. It would also behoove people in general, to accept the fact society does not always have their personal best interest at heart. In fact society could care less, other than your closest family members and friends. The only time they do care is when society benefits off of your hard work. So you might as well find something that makes you happy, or at least something that you don't totally despise doing.

Trust me I have learned the hard way that you do not have to be miserable in life. I understand we all have to do things we do not want to. That does not mean you have to just keep "sucking it up," as society says. What is the point of just existing to exist. At some point you have to say, "screw what society says, There way is not working for me." Then you have to go find something that you think will make you happy. It does not mean, that your way is going to work either. At least you tried it, and went out on your terms if it did not work. That does not mean to give up either, if it does fail on your first attempt, or many attempts. People have to remember you can only fall so much, eventually you will start going back up.

I am not married and do not have kids, so it is a little easier for me to take that risk. That is one lesson why one should not ever get married to soon or have kids announced. I know that is easier said than done. If you do have kids, and got married at a young age, but would like to make a change in your life. There is responsible ways you can go about making life altering decisions.

The 2 most expensive things in peoples lives are their rent/mortgage of an apartment or a house. Then their automobiles with insurance, and all that DMV, gas, and stuff. Of course that does not include health insurance. Not much you can do about that, unless you just choose not to have it. Not a good way to go if you have kids. All you can do is constantly shop around for the lowest plans for that.

I am always curious why people have to spread themselves so thin when finding a place to live, and when buying a car. Instead of breaking even at the end of the month on rent, and car payments. Why not buy below what you can afford. Meaning if you can afford to pay 1100 dollars a month for rent. Why not find a place that is only 800 to 900 dollars a month. You would be amazed at how much that 200 to 300 extra a month helps out. Same with buying a house. Why buy a 200,000 dollar a house, when 150,000 dollar house more than meets your needs. A car, why buy that beefed up SUV for 30,000, when you can get a dependable sedan that is a couple of years old for 12,000 to 14,000? Then you will get much better gas millage, and better insurance rates. You just saved all that much more money to your goal of getting out of that job that makes you so miserable. Moving towards your goal of working for yourself.

From my experience in this life. Most of the reasons people do the things listed above is to keep up with the Jones. Its all an image thing. Granted that way of mentality has died down a bit with the recession, depression, whatever this thing we are living in is called. This is just me, but I would rather live in a trailer, driving around in a small, dependable car that gets great gas millage. This way I would at least have money for other things to help me out in my ventures. If a lady thought my car was not good enough for her, then we would not be together very long. You only live one life in the body you possess. Why waste it all on materialistic things. So screw what other people think. They are not the ones who have to pay your bills

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