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Life is not a bed of roses and it can never be. As long as rain and sun will not seize to function as major competitors, so it will be the need for comparison. But if you compare one creature to the other, you can only found out that none is independent. So what’s the need for comparison when none is greater than the other? Yet one mostly would surpass the other.

What i noticed is that, it has always been the case of a level playing ground where all players would come and show his/her stuff and when reality is settled viewers termed it something near the common language as the players also seek recognition. Sub-consciously, they respond and all they would agitate on the other end is the need to guide integrity brought to light by recognition.

Nobody wants to come last, that’s the spirit of competition. It is also an institutionalized tool for development. This act would remind every player about the truth of existence. It is all about breeding men to assume their original position. Not really to think about superiority. Supremacy belongs to God, selection can be ordered by men and position can be guaranteed by the choices of men.

Competition has come a long way to determine the faith of individual as he or she can dare to outlive the concept of fate. It doesn’t exist in the world of a strong competitor rather; it becomes a tool that turns on the incessant spirit of annoyance towards every advances of lack.

A venture that has no value at the crude is all one can identify competition to be. However, there is no room to swing a cat not until you are able to understand that competition is all about winning but the fact that winning is not synonymous with competition really makes it a do but not a die affair. It means involving oneself in a competition is not limited to winning alone. Its solitary definition is rooted in the phrase “Mission for the future”.

When one competes, it is truly not to say something about the certain world rather it is to say that a journey to a wonderland has only begun. You only need to compete because you need to risk something out of an available opportunity. Ordinarily, competitors are not excused from the perfect status but the nature of the act depicts dependency. If you are independent, you may not need to venture into any of sort. Perfect status people too do compete because they have understanding about the increasingly improvement demanding nature of every vibrant individual. It’s all about understanding.

Competition takes you through the experience at once and when you are done, you can only build your confidence towards the future.

Competition is not about an attitude you would fight with when you are shown the way to the exit. It is not the motive you would condemn when you are told by one ore two of the judges about something you can do better than what you are presently doing. If I may tell you, majority of the second runner ups end up being a hit better than their superior. It doesn’t still mean that they are better than their superior; it is all about the confidence of experience. You can imagine the mentality of closeness it means they got it on spot somewhere else because they continued.

Have you ever imagined why some organizations have turned organizing competitions into an interesting and exciting venture that is? They understand the power in helping to build an individual towards the terror of challenges ahead and not to give excuse of low qualitative and quantitative mentors. They are God sent to an individual in doubt of his or her major and minor talents. The reason for competition is just to alert you on the possibility of locating the hidden diamond in you. If you dare you would understand that no one is without a diamond. It doesn’t matter how small.

The environment is too cold for comfort and it would be more interesting if an attitude of competition is cultivated.

Viewers you never expect turn their interest towards you and all you can ask yourself is what if I didn’t do what I did. Sincerely you would do exceedingly great even without that but the truth remains in the hearts of your friends who would be in the jungle with you.

People are more interesting when they bring on an attitude of competition and if found on the favored list, the favor brings on the table what mama calls “Our daily bread”. It doesn’t matter if you can do it on the other way round, what matters is the venture, the risk and the love for friendship. The whole world is made for competitors as friends to learn, correct, assist, encourage, lift, expose, fascinate and sensitize. It is not really an avenue to show stuff for the purpose of condemning the low talents on the field.

The true meaning of competition is coming together of stars or talents in the house for the purpose of fixing the miss-appropriate article as far as development and improvement is concerned. The growth of individual is equal to the growth of the nation.

Lastly, competition brings out that attitude that makes you feel like you are ever ready. Of course you have been there and you have done that so what’s the big deal? You can do this. Give it a try otherwise, build on it.

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