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The Art Of Disciplining Yourself
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The Art Of Disciplining Yourself

Disciplining yourself is indeed an arduous process that involves a constant input each day. As I have always stated that Success in your life will depend on a constant flow of input from you against all the obstacles that come your way. Obstacles offer resistance in your life and can make you fall down the ladder of success. Crawling up back on the ladder of success is often harder.

Keeping abreast with changes around you is likened to a young shoot threading the garden bed amongst all the debris and wildlife that occupies it. You cannot change the obstacles that surround you, you need to veer around it and accommodate it. The shoot will germinate despite its long journey to full growth. If it does not then it shall perish. When you feel a little bit like this then you will perish into a mundane role.

Your life is a precious one and therefore you need to appreciate it first rather than depend on others to do it for you. To appreciate your life you need to show discipline. There are no short-cuts You cannot alter your schedule to suit others. You have to stick to a plan. Discipline is all about showing steadiness in your behavioural patterns.

Discipline is about maintaining calmness in ALL given situations. Different situations require different tactics. Watching others is a good and cool way to learn discipline. Who do you watch? You should hatch people that influence you and you should watch people that have this incredible impact on you. Watch successful people as well. Watch how they do it and how they remain calm. Listen to the way they respond and react. Your parents could be your role models. Celebrities could be role models too. You’re Headteacher or your Teacher is also good and reliable role models.

There is one person that could also offer excellent tutorials and that believe it or not is you. You go through life with a handful of lessons that you learnt. Lessons that made you burn a finger and lessons that made you bashful. From these experiences in life spring excellent tutorials. As you gain experience from them you gain the mastery of avoiding embarrassing situations again and again.

Discipline is about self control. It is about becoming intuitive. It is about learning and also about teaching. Who do you teach? How about your partner or your spouse? How about your siblings or friends and family? For every pound of knowledge that you gain distribute tonnes to others. It is such a blessing to do so.

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