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The Better Man
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It is one thing to be good and it's another thing to desire that natural competitive spirit towards the second man. That is, every good person really wants to be better but how to go about it has really been a more intelligent task than it seems to appear. It is one thing to be good and it is another thing to be better than everyone with potentials. That is, to help can bring the healthy competition that brings remedy to humanity but a mere competition may not bring out the better human being.

Certainly, there are things you can't just dissociate yourself from when it is time to come to terms. Everyone wants to be the best in the world but what if they don't understand the true meaning of the word and the operation. Sometimes being the best may amount to you loosing everything first. I know some people will say of-course you have to loose some to gain some but really many can't afford to loose a pin to gain a pack of it.

There were two men in a wilderness. The two were hungry but one was severely sick and was on the verge of loosing his life. They have just one loaf to survive the challenge of the wilderness but the second man's critical condition demands the whole to be consumed. The first man became afraid and at the same time willing to be at his friend's mercy. But the worse ever imagined then happened. The second man immediately, became even more terribly sick than the first.

The task now becomes a 50-50 chance of survival and responsibility. One has to eat the whole loaf to survive because if they both share the loaf, they will both die. It took the first man that inherited the ill-health to give the ransom 1 minute away from the cut-off time. The second man ate the loaf and was revived almost immediately. While waiting for the second man's departure, a man just came in from an angle definitely not in the direction of focus. He didn't look like one who has been watching the event from a far or near but he went straight away to the dying man and gave the aid, lifted him to his feet, he fed him and guaranteed his full come back.

They went straight back to the city. They narrated their ordeal and the third man in the wilderness gave his own account of the event. The next day, the city people bring the two men to the center of the city square. They were introduced to the city people and the stranger man was not left out of the picture. The elders celebrated them anyway for being faithful for the community service.

Then after some days, the city girls and boys began to stand in the corner and all they were doing is singing the better song for Sean the first to inherit the sickness and the only one between the two who genuinely was willing to sacrifice his own life to redeem the second man Peter but Peter the second man who was initially the beneficiary of Sean's sacrificial gesture gets the complement.

Truly, if they both die, it would have been a total waste of talents for the city but Sean was a better man because he was willing to serve. Anyone that serves gives anything humanly possible but a mere helper does on condition.

A strong man is stronger than a weak man but strength is not synonymous to being better. Good looking guys and ladies are preferably on the wish list of admirers but this does not qualify one as better individual. What actually makes one a better individual is when he/she can serve the second person with his friends, soul-mate and colleagues?

Beautiful and rich ones should not get intoxicated rather, they should strife to serve their various partner by disregarding infidelity.

In short, to be the better man means to serve another man. The man that serves another man multiplies why the man that strives for more really don't get better by refusing to serve with the one he has.

When a man serves he spreads his haven of heavens and makes it solid. Extreme humility does not make one a foolish man it means a man needs to identify a cross of service of total humility just to get better. In it you only would get better and in it you only could be a ransom for another man.

It doesn't make any sense to go 360 degree looking for greener pasture when you can get the same by investing the same level of time in someone. What makes one better is always within one and this one can actualize if one can devote a little more to serve another man in a lowly come condition. What this means is that, what one does mostly is a direct cursor in the mirror that is placed across the stages of ones growth and development meant for ones better future.

Honesty is required and you can't ascertain that if you don't share it with someone else. It becomes an added cap of value to you when it is used to uplift another brother. The happiness that comes with the feeling is worth much more than winning a million contracts. That is, if you have several millions with honesty absent, happiness can never be at home in you. That won't make you any better than the common law breaker around the street.

Sincerity improves one's hope of successfully climbing the ladder and the only way to bring about the success is even hidden in an attitude of service.

A man becomes free simply because he volunteers to be helpful; obviously he's a better man than the one who doesn’t really get that consciousness to serve another.

He is a bold man and tough at the same time. Definitely, he wouldn't be the one that conforms for any reason. He's a better man than the conformists spoiling the city's good orientation by refusing to serve the community where and when necessary.

Such individual is accommodating, caring and easy going. He is a much more a loving person than the one who is always having much to do with conditionality. The indifferent soul look more like the one who inherit the habit of pricing the dignity of those at his mercy.

With much respect, a man of better status is transparent, understanding and soft. He handles every challenge with diplomacy. A man of opposite status bases all his actions on naked truth, he doesn't seem to remember to add a little bit of moderation and he seems not to be aware of the weak nature of a judge and the judged.

Apparently, to be in the way of a man highlighted above, it means everyone should take charge of every opportunity that appears mostly in a less-advantageous situation. That is, someone can only be the better man if he chooses to render a service when it most uncomfortable.

Lastly, a very good revelation one should tie into his heart is that, a better man is a man who is always willing to be made a ransom for another man. That is, a servant man is always a helper but a helper may not always be a servant. That is, to really be the better man, one must cultivate that attitude of others first.

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