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The Ultimate Success Strategy: Employ Mind Mastery
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When you take action for what you want to bring about, you apply a success strategy that takes you a step closer toward reaching your goal.

What is your definition of success? What is it that YOU really want to happen in your life?

As you take action for what you want, you advance toward your success.

Just thinking about achieving your goal, visualizing yourself IN the conditions you want in your life, is a form of taking action for it – MENTAL ACTION – that works.

But if you think of yourself as failing to reach your goal, as being inadequate or incapable of reaching it, your mind power works against you and you sabotage your success.

To the extent that you believe in your inadequacy, to that extent you hold back your power to achieve success.

So one strategy for success is to practice being aware of how you see yourself, of your self-image or self-concept in the present moment.

When you notice yourself in self-doubt, worrying that you don't have what it takes to succeed, intentionally visualize yourself with all the power and potential you need to succeed.

This will help you to build up your motivation and self-confidence, releasing you to apply more of your full power to succeed.

Of course, visualizing yourself achieving your goal in your mind may not instantly materialize that goal.

Accessing the mind power of positive visualization by imagining yourself experiencing the life-conditions that you want, represents just one action that you can take to help you to accomplish what you want.

And yet, this one action step is a very important one because it gives your life direction. It directs your subconscious to advance you along the path that lines up with the achievement of the goal that you envision.

While you see in your mind what you want in your life, you program your subconscious to direct you there.

But another important, and related, action step is to apply alert awareness to your present moment experience, to attentively observe what you are doing in the present.

This empowers you to stop or self-defeating activities and to replace them with more goal-focused action.

If you are not paying close attention to your present moment experience, you will drift off the course of goal-achievement without realizing it.

Of course there are many things you can do for success. For instance, team building is crucial - that is, forming strategic alliances with people who can help you to achieve your goals.

But the most fundamental success strategy begins with remembering this success principle: Everything you think, feel, say and do represents an application of your creative power to manifest what you desire in life.

You bring about what you think about.

You bring about what you speak about.

You bring about conditions that reflect and reinforce your mood, feelings, attitude.

You bring about what you take action for.

When you think of the success you want you move toward it.

When you allow yourself to feel as successful as you want to feel, you allow the success you want.

When you communicate skillfully for what you want, the creative power of your speech helps you to achieve it.

Whatever you say, think, feel or do for what you want serves you in creating that condition.

Whatever loss, set-back, let-down, difficulty or opposition that you encounter along the way is just your opportunity to make the best possible use of your power to accomplish what you want.

As you make that “best use” of your power, under whatever conditions you find yourself, you grow in self-mastery – the mastery needed for manifesting your greatest vision of success.

And the most fundamental success-strategy to employ is mind mastery, which involves the practice of:

  1. Paying close attention in the present moment to notice what your mind is up to in the now
  2. Keeping your mind OUT of the visions, concepts and ideas of what you do NOT want to create
  3. Envisioning yourself succeeding in the ways you most want to succeed

This mind-mastery success strategy will help you to succeed by helping you let go of negative emotions, relieve your stress and anxiety, lose limiting beliefs, develop confidence, and increase self-esteem.

And because our visions shape our life-conditions into the form of their reflections, to envision success is to manifest success.

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