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Trade Off The Pain
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One of the experiences in life that man cannot but exaggerate is indeed a painful experience. It doesn’t matter if the experience is in the recent or in the far past. As long as the memory lingers, the victim immortalizes the occurrence.

Often times I have heard the story of forgive and forget but to me it sounds more like a regular piece on the board that accompanies lyrical rhymes. It is usually a pain in the heart so it is somehow hard to forgive let alone forgetting it. Why then will one attach commitment to remembering painful experience when all it brings is pain? It doesn’t bother the subject if the person in question knows how to improve on his barbaric behaviors. All he cares about is playing the piece in his head again and again.

Aftermath effect of painful experience is truly shocking and annoying. You always wonder why does it have to be you. It could have been someone else and then you are taking the whole business of rewinding your ordeal too far. If you are very unlucky you may as well have a shylock friend who doesn’t know how to say to you words that’ll make you react less to the past experience not until you find yourself nursing a malicious ambition and as result you tend to project more than often. As if that would not be enough, you tend to add to your tarnishing profile by displacing.

Everyone steps on your toes but you step on nobody’s toes. You really feel like one angel who suddenly doesn’t feel like going back home and as a result he sees himself as master over confusion. He feels cool for having no one around him but he never realizes the significant difference between separation and isolation.

A counselor or an elder will not ask you to throw yourself on people but he or she will ask you to be more careful when dealing with people. He or she knows that people are very dangerous and at the same time helpful. A counselor knows how hard it is to relate with one another without stepping or getting on each other’s nerves. So he or she preaches the concept of “Forgive and Forget”

The concept is more logically applied as an online pill. And if the user defaults, he or she misses the next step and such a miss spells trouble even more on the long run.

Emphatically, no one addresses the rule of “Forgive and Forget” adequately still, they made home some cool and orientating result. It doesn’t spell normality if yours will be allowed to make a mark of an incorrigible outcast. You can bargain for a trade.

I could imagine the last time you were confronted and accused, it was you who did not hurt first but you were picked as more wicked.

The recent one after the last you were almost out of touch because you lost total control of yourself. You almost felt like it didn’t worth living at the moment. You were truly hurt by all and sundry, but all thanks to God that you could trace the origin of the situation. You ask me why? And it is because you know that you were hurt by all and sundry. If it was just about the next person then, it really doesn’t make an all count.

For crying out loud it even amazes one that you really don’t even know how to keep malice yet, you want to keep one. Thank God for such provision in your personality .That is a fact you may have to reckon with and trace it backwards for a better day. You need to start negotiations on how to trade off the pain.

The task is relatively simple. Just forgive your friend from your heart and bury the hatchet completely. That means you forgive and forget. Then your friends that you wronged will find it easy to forgive you. And you wouldn’t have to readily keep malice or face the pain of not being readily forgiven when you wrong someone. That is, the moment you do that, you’ll find yourself living a drastically reduced error leading life. And you’ll also find friends coming back to you for forgiveness and your emotions would run positive for such purpose. It is just the known and the orthodox path, it is no magic.

Trade off the pain so that you can concentrate on your destiny. Please agree with me, it is really affecting destiny. It is a good thing that the second person is a person you can trace. You were hurt truly but, let it go so that you won’t be saying sorry for the things you should have done.

The pain keeps multiplying each time you say “But I was hurt”. Trust me, immediately you say” Well I was hurt” the pain looses it value and concentration on you.

Practically, please utter the words “Well I was hurt”.

Trade off the pain with some good behaviors left in you. Sometimes it is cool when you compensate, it is still all about saying sorry when you hurt as at when due .A stitch in time saves nine.

I was sitting at home one day relaxing myself though very tired but I have got lots of clothes to wash otherwise, I would go out the next day looking very un kept . There was no one around to give a helping hand so I was held up in a mess. I had no choice other than enduring the pain through the night and the next day I did the needful. It wasn’t easy because I was honestly tired but it was worth it because I need no one to tell me the reward of a tearful effort. I had imagined the shame I would go through if I eventually gave excuse as a result of the pain I was going through at the moment. The next day, the pain would be increased with shame of having going around with a dirty outfit.

Ideally it is the way of an achiever to forcefully withdraw his or her treasure from the mouth of a lion. That is you get rid of pain by going through pain. Start trading off your pain by doing what you need to do on time.

A hole in the heart finds it way through by pain. It wouldn’t have been easy to heal the hole without pain. You should be responsible for your decisions. You should diligently seek ways to work out zero tolerance towards error and failure. Otherwise, be prepared to embrace the pain you would run away from.

No mountain is too high to climb, no river is too wide to make it across and no pain is too painful to trade off. If it is possible for a mother to endure the pain during child delivery, then it is possible for you to endure the pain of tide. You can imagine what comes out of a woman called a newborn baby. As big as a baby is, yet he finds his way through. That points to the fact that, pain is in-evitable as it is natural. After the pain, joy is given birth to. You can imagine if pain was not traded off, joy; like Bill Clinton, Martin Luther king wouldn’t have made history. Something is inside of you waiting to be delivered but you need to trade the pain off first.

You can change the world if you understand that weaknesses, in-efficiencies, flaws, physiological deformity and fears or worries are your teacher. If you don’t have them you might never learn. And if you really exist without it, you can as well claim perfection. If you are without weakness, you don’t belong here, you belong to where perfect people reside. So since you are here your imperfections remain your teacher and at the same time your enemy. That means you have to trade one for one. You have to endure the pain of dealing and coping with weakness to avert the pain of the future which may hinder your glory as a result of indulgence and laziness.

Henceforth, I’ll suggest that every individual activates and channels his or her online experience. It’s good and beneficial. Such venture opens up one’s eyes to reality as if it is a new idea. It will be cool if one would manage them.

When the going gets too tough, there is always this tendency of wanting to give up. Many moves on your part would have been considered useless and you might be termed as not working. It is true that your effort is adequate and good but it seems not good enough. You are so persistence and very committed still everything seems working not according to plan. To seal up your claim, you have a very remarkable praying record. You have prayed enough to make enough happen yet, there is nothing to show for your tireless effort.

If I may be sincere enough, I will put it to you that, you can exhaust your strength, your skill, your commitment, your articulation, your perseverance, your persistence, your wisdom, knowledge and understanding. And nothing will happen. But something is happening if you can understand that, there is always a concept call “The right time”. You can try hard enough but something is around the corner to award your effort. That means you can try all you can but, all you can try can break limitation if only you get better. A man tries harder to get something done. But at a point in time he gets so tired so he resigns his faith. After a while someone comes around and tells him, do it this way reluctantly he does and he gets the much awaited task done.

It is true that you can’t run more than your shadow but someone will stand ahead of you and your shadow to tell you the next step to take. Please trade off your pain by accepting that, there is always a miracle in the right time. Don’t cut corners. You only need to trade off the pain in any situation you find yourself. Cheers!!!

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