Aoni Hd Car Dvr Top Ambarella A7 Cpu 40 Mega Hdr Sensor Car Dash Cam
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Aoni Hd Car Dvr Top Ambarella A7 Cpu 40 Mega Hdr Sensor Car Dash Cam

All drivers know the fact that the road is a wild place where anything can happen. So it's a good idea to record your ride with the car DVR camera by Aoni. Now with Aoni 364, you've got the evidence as it can record unbelievably real-time footage and all kinds of other stuff too. You'll never miss a moment again with the 364 HD car dash camera.

The Aoni car DVR 364 keeps your vehicle in enhanced protection. The camera has a CMOS 1.3 Megapixel that records at HD720P 1280*720@30fps. It captures footage at a 125°wide angle of view for optimal coverage and clarity. This makes it the perfect recording tool for surveillance of your property while parked or proof of liability in case of an accident.

Designed in compact form factor the Aoni HD car DVR 364 features G-Sensor - which senses sudden acceleration and collisions to automatically capture and protect critical footage surrounding an accident. It also includes continuous loop recording, which automatically overwrites the oldest footage when the memory card gets full and a motion detection recording function for automatic recording while driving. It also supports SD card up to 32 GB so that they are ready to record enough video files.

Product Feature:

Small in Size, Metal Surface

SOS File Locking Function

Motion Detection Recording Function

Loop Recording, Time and Date Stamp

Built-in Microphone

Start and Record Automatically Function

Solution GP6624+MA720P

Resolution CMOS 1.3 Megapixel

Max.Resolution 3.0Mega Pixels


Angle of Rotation 360 degree via mount

Build-in Memory 4ⅹ16M SDRAM

External Memory SD card(Upto 32GB)

Lens 125 Degree Wide Angle

LED Light /

Microphone YES

Speaker YES

HDMI Socket /

Battery Changeable Li-battery 500mAh

Working time 120mins continuous record

USB Interface USB USB2.0

Video Format AVI

Video Frame Rato /

HD720P 1280*720@30fps

D1 848*480@30fps


Image Format JPEG

Image Resolution 2048ⅹ1536(3MP)4:3

1920ⅹ1080(2MP)16:9 HD



Operation System Windows XP/VISTA/7,MAC

Working Environment

Working Temperature -10 Degree-60Degree

Humidity 10%-80%

Battery Temperature Resistant to High Temperature to 85 Degree,

Explosion Proof Polymer 3CBattery

Lens Temperature Resistant to High Temperature to 85 Degree,


Shenzhen Aoni Eletronic Industry Co., Ltd is one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, IP cameras and car DVRs. Based in Shenzhen, China, Aoni has built its own state-of-the-art factory including sophisticated facilities such as Cloud Service Lab, SMT machines and professional manufacturing workshops. The cutting-edge car DVR that are optimally tailored to its customers' needs have been used in over 60 countries and gained great reputation by having mutual trust relationships with more than 100 business partners all over the world. Aoni was founded in 2003 and today has over 1,000 employees around the world that share a passion for video and audio technology.

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