Dash Cam Whats That ?
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Dash Cam Whats That ?

A dash cam (dashboard camera) is an on board camera that attaches to the vehicle's interior windscreen by either a supplied suction cup mount or a adhesive tape mount. Dash cams continuously record the road ahead whilst the vehicle is in motion or driven on the roadway.Some newer models now even have GPS capability recording exact location,time and speed.

Who needs a Dash Cam?


Yes, everyone could use a dash cam, really!

It will record evidence in case of an accident

Insurance fraud

Parking protection

Vehicle abuse and misuse


Report bad drivers, etc.

We have all seen You tube videos of some of the incredibly stupid things people do when they get behind a wheel.

Fleet Operators

Every fleet operator fears of hearing that one of their drivers was in a vehicle accident. First worries would be regarding the driver's health, then finding out what happened and who was at fault. Being able to prove your driver's innocence might be a challenge even for insurance company investigators, especially in a multi-vehicle collision. A dashboard camera will help both drivers and vehicle owners to be prepared to defend themselves with the help of video evidence. Whether you have three or three thousand vehicles in your fleet, you will never need to say, "I wish I had the evidence of what happened".

Taxi Drivers

Most taxi drivers who have the dash cam installed have them aimed at the road ahead to protect their insurance history against fraudulent claims. Certain models of dash cam have an extra camera fitted so it is aimed inside the vehicle to record sound and vision not only for the drivers own safety but the safety of the passengers too.

Having a dash camera to record passengers behavior is something every taxi cab should have. With the camera visible along with a CCTV sign should make an offender think twice before committing a crime, solely because they know they're being recorded.

Track and Racing Enthusiasts

The beauty of dash cams is they are portable so can easily be installed in any vehicle within seconds, so swapping one from your day car to your track car is a breeze.

An excellent tool for recording track training sessions and track times,where you went wrong and most importantly where you did that corner just perfectly.

It will start recording automatically when you start your engine, or on some models if it detects motion. The adjustable bracket with a suction cup can be easily attached to any flat surfaces and the camera mounted in a variety of angles on any vehicle.

Parking Wardens and Tow Truck Drivers

Parking officers and tow truck drivers are not police officers, yet they have the power to enforce parking rules. People can get very angry when they see their vehicle being towed unexpectedly and can react in many ways and some of them are not so nice. Having the whole event on video can come in handy.Having undisputable evidence of the vehicle’s condition and parking state before towing is essential.

Car Driving Schools

You can record the lessons you give and playback moments to discuss with the student again. Also if they have to do their final exam without you as a teacher next to them, you can still playback the video of their exam and check what went wrong. We recommend the dual-cam versions for driving schools so that you also have a video of everything that happens inside the car, such as the eye movements of your students, ie: do they use their mirrors enough?.

Truck Drivers

Accidents involving a commercial vehicle always tends to end up badly due to the truck's size, weight and long braking distance. That same fact makes them the perfect target for Crash for Cash scammers. A heavily loaded truck will never stop as fast as a passenger car. A good quality dash cam is the perfect tool for them to have. The ability to retrieve video evidence after an accident that was not the drivers fault is essential. Many cars can be involved in an accident with a big truck, but the more details you have - the better.

Parents that loan the car to their son or daughter

As a parent you probably,at some time, loan your car to your son or daughter so that they can go out with friends, etc. Will you be wondering HOW they where using your car? Perhaps your lovely son is racing it? Perhaps he hasn't been where they told you he would go (here comes the GPS function!). And think of this: If they know a dashboard camera is recording while they have your car, will they still mis-use it? Its more likely they will drive safer already, and that's the result you wanted in the first place.

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