Does The HTC One M8 Need A Fingerprint Scanner?
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Does the HTC One M8 Need A Fingerprint Scanner?

It was a pretty big surprise not to see a fingerprint scanner make its way onto the HTC One M8 this spring, especially after seeing Samsung grasp the feature for the Galaxy S5.

The iPhone 5s used one as well, and even the HTC One Max boasted one, so why doesn’t the HTC One M8?

Why isn’t it here?

There could be a few reasons why the HTC One M8 is skipping a fingerprint reader if we’re being honest.

The reason most probably comes down to the quality of the previous fingerprint technology on the HTC One Max simply not being good enough to draw in sales.

Many One Max users complained about the feature, which often failed to read fingerprints quickly or correctly, possibly leading to this decision from HTC.

Do you actually need one?

This is a very good question, especially considering the current hype surrounding fingerprint reading technology

Whilst it’s certainly a very fancy and quite attractive feature, it doesn’t really speed up the use of a smartphone.

It definitely improves security, especially over number passcodes, which can be hacked if someone keeps a close eye on your hands when you unlock your phone.

But in general, having a fingerprint reader will only get you an extra couple hundred sales if you seriously take a look at a handset.

It definitely adds a fancy factor, but its genuine impact on sales is small.

Can we expect one next time?

Debatable. If the technology sticks around long enough then HTC may consider sticking one on the next instalment of their flagship line.

Of course if the hype surrounding the feature dies out, then its unlikely HTC will join the party later on.

It all really depends on just how the feature does over the next 6-9 months.

What could we see in the future from fingerprint scanners?

Samsung has already showed its hand by allowing users to pay using the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S5, which seems like a natural progression for the kit.

However, other uses are looking pretty thin on the ground, whilst we could arguably access other devices using the feature, security issues will inevitably rear their heads.

But if a manufacturer managed it properly, we could be seeing our TVs, stereos and even lighting work via fingerprint readers based on our smartphones.

The technology could also be used in our cars, allowing us to use our smartphone as a set of keys, making us carry the phone whilst in the car, and use our fingerprints to start it.

Obviously there would be issues with having the phone turned on constantly, or possibly plugging it in whilst driving, but surely these could be overcome.

What could come after fingerprint scanners?

There have already been rumours of an iris scanner making its way onto a smartphone in the near future, using your eyeball to unlock your phone.

This would seem like the natural step, as our eyes are completely individual to us, and are more often than not looking at a screen of some sort, so why not utilise them?

So, if fingerprint scanners continue to grow and develop, we could start seeing iris scanners work alongside them or even take them over if it comes to it!

What do you think about fingerprint scanners? Why not comment below and let us know?

Street Talk

I guess the only way to find out for sure is to watch and see what happens. Thanks for sharing an interesting set of aspects on fingerprint scanners and the o-so-many possibilities!

  about 8 years ago
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