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There are several types’ mobile phone chargers on the market today and they are all in it for one thing to keep those minutes a flying on your cell phone bill. I discovered the many different types and features of car or cell phone chargers available to the public

It seems when you purchase a phone you are stuck with a charger that is included, how handy it is also, so why do we end up buying more, well the get stepped on loss, or not the right type. There are car phone chargers, Chargers that hook up simply through your AC/DC current at home, and even wind up chargers, that are made for environmentally capable persons’.

I like the car charger myself, and I use to sell phones, so a fair warning to all you car charging people, If the battery is full and you just automatically plug in your car charger battery for your cell phone you run the risk of it heating up and possibly a danger if it gets hot, so beware of this. If your phone starts to gain weight, Yes get fatter, then you have been charging the phone way too much and making the case expand. You will be the next T-Mobile customer in a short while.

The chargers that are most handy are the ones you hook up to your outlet at the house, and if your battery is showing red with most cell phones then it’s time to address the battery. Just simply plug in your phone for an 8 hr. charge or as directed on the package you purchased from to see how long to charge, yet usually overnight is enough. Now if you use your phone constantly all day and during the night, take time out and charge the thing, you do not want to fully discharge the battery, this could ruin some of the components , especially the Android phone, and lose data.

I myself , have one of those phones that does it all but let’s you talk, no really the Android is cool man, really I have a guitar on it a keyboard and just fantastic ,when I get a call I am fumbling around trying to get the thing to answer so I miss a few calls, no big deal. Keep your phone charged in a situation where you may need it for extended periods of time, and do not have a laptop with you.

A Laptop can charge your phone also using a USB port on your PC and with the phone, depends basically how old your phone is, if you can’t charge your phone this way it’s time to buy another. The cel phone has taken over the Home telephone in many instances, and rightfully so, the expense of communication has come down, from 20 years ago, take good care of your cell phone and charge the cell phone maybe every other day, overnight when your hopefully not on it. A Charged cell phone is a happy cell phone, and you don’t want to miss out on any text now would you ladies.

A good idea is to buy the same manufacturer battery charger, not a cheap one, you may get what you paid for a bad charger, and your warranty may be void if this happens and over charges your phone and blows the data apart. I hope this has had an effect on cell phone users and how to charge your mobile phone, and be able to keep it working.

For More Information on Mobile phone chargers you can visit my website.

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