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we had cell phone service with AT&T for several years when living in Las Vegas. After moving to a small town in eastern Nevada, we discovered that AT&T did not service that area. Of course AT&T wanted to bill us for the remainder of our contract which we felt was way out of line. They just replied that it was not their fault that they did not service the area we moved into.

We then decide to get a Tract Phone since they did service our area. Well everything went fine for a while and all of a sudden the tract phone stopped working. Upon calling their customer serviceDept. You know the call that you make and get to talk to Peggy. Somewhere in another country. We were told that a lighting strike knocked out their cell tower. Nothing could be further from the truth. It seems it had something to do with the FCC making a decision that track phone could no longer provide service in our area. After doing some checking around with the locals in the area, we felt safe in purchasing a Net 10 phone. Well after a short time with net ten, we recieved a text from them stating they will be shutting off our service around the end of the month, appearently for the same reasons as Tract Phone. Something to do with the FCC.

We are now in possesion of three cell phones that do not work. As a side note we sent them to phones for solders.

Anyway, to continue our saga. As a last ditch effort we contacted the local phone company to ask which cell service actually does work in our area. They explained that the only cell service that is licened in our area is Verizon. Oh! by the way they did not handle any cell phone products and that we would have to travel an hour and a half into Utah to find a location that handles them. Verizon store, Walmart, Etc. After investing a little more money into cell phones it seems that we are now comfortable with Verizon.

Just wanted to point out that cell phone service is not something that the average person would think about when moving to another location.

We are just an elderly retired couple trying to get along in this ever changing techno world. We felt having a cell phone was very important to us being in a small town and having to travel through the Nevada desert to get to a city where we would be able to do our once a month shopping for groceries and other things we might need.

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