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Phablet – Samsung Galaxy Mega Review
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Phablet – Samsung Galaxy Mega Review

The latest term in the mobile phone market that is trending is ‘phablet’ and this is being used to describe the latest breed of smartphone that is larger than a traditional phone but smaller than a tablet PC.

Another distinguishing point to remember here as well is that a tablet may not have a SIM card slot (although some do) where as a phablets always does, so a phablet should be considered a smartphone and a tablet should be considered a PC.

Samsung Galaxy Mega

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is one such phablet that has recently hit the marketplace and it nicely sits in the middle of a tablet and smartphone sizing brackets with a 6.3-inch display, which is of course touch operated.

The design is very similar to other phones in the Galaxy range and retains a slim waistline at only 8 mm thick while in the hand it feels much lighter than a tablet. At just a few eighths of an inch shorter than a tablet this device is not likely to fit into a pocket so this is most likely to appeal to ladies who carry a bag or gentlemen that wear suits! If you carry a Kindle device around then this is a good indicator as to whether the size will be acceptable to you.

Core Features

There are many features on the Samsung Galaxy Mega and much will be familiar to those who have used smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system, the Galaxy Mega uses Android Jelly Bean v4.2.2.

Memory – The internal memory is offered as either 8 or 16 GB of which Samsung’s built in apps have already taken a chunk of, so the 16 GB version is well worth considering especially to those who intend to download and keep lots of media or new apps.

Camera – An 8-megapixels camera has been integrated into the design and the resulting photos are pretty impressive. Images may be saved into folders and these work well with a vertical bar of folders displayed next to the photos in the selected album, so it’s really easy to find the photo you want to view. There are also a whole host of enhancing features of which the best is probably ‘best shot’ mode where multiple pictures are taken from one click and you get to choose the best image to keep.

S Travel – This program uses Trip Advisor to present useful information on resorts and cities.

S Planner – Will allow users to save meetings and tasks via the virtual keypad or via voice input, the S Planner will then automatically remind you of a task as its date becomes due.

Samsung WatchOn – Okay, so a phone using infrared to control a TV, Free-view or satellite box is nothing new but this intelligent feature will learn the types of programs you like to watch and then suggest recommended viewing.


The Samsung Galaxy Mega is a really awesome mobile phone and its large display does make everything seem sharper and more vibrant.

The decision for consumers will undoubtedly be centered on its size. Can you live with phablet sized device?

Street Talk


I really love the S Translate and S Voice features that Samsung add to their phones, not sure about the screen being that big though!

  about 8 years ago
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