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Cell Phone Of The Year – 2010 – Apple IPhone 4
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Going by the reviews of most users, I think the cell phone of the year in 2010 was the Apple iPhone 4. Apple will never cease to amaze its customers with their cellular devices that appear to have it all. The Apple iPhone 4, as a multimedia phone, has got cool features that will allow you to stay connected and updated, perhaps in a much smarter way! What exactly makes it the cell phone of the year? Let's explain some of the unique features and capabilities.

Design To start with, the multimedia cell phone has been designed to meet the needs of the average person. It is durable and can withstand even harsh conditions. Apple says the phone has been built with aluminosilicate glass - a similar kind of glass used in high-speed trains and the helicopter windshield. When you hold the device, you can feel its strength and durability. This cell phone of the year will hold up a little better in terms of strength if you are someone who tends to drop their phones and have even shattered the front screens of previous phones.

The fantastic retina LCD display (960px by 640px) featured on the iPhone 4 multimedia phone will serve you with stunning, crystal clear images. Hence, the device is great for capturing, watching videos or shows on TV. This is the best cell phone of the year that offers the best in terms of picture quality. You will also enjoy amazing colors and the efficient multi-touch display so you can navigate throughout the phone by using multiple fingers. The cell phone of the year possesses pinch-to-zoom capabilities while letting you use just two fingers to tap an icon. The multi-touch capabilities will respond to you, almost immediately when you issue a command!

Quality/ Call Features Normally, we would expect multimedia phones to be high quality devices, that will enable you hear the person at the other end clearly when making a call. In addition, this cell phone of the year has a microphone with a technology that suppresses unwanted noise coming from the background area so you will still be able to make a call enjoyably if you are in noisy, crowded place. It is also very simple to make a call on the device. To make a call, you can just tap your contact list, say the person's name or phone number. There are many other voice commands you can as well use if you don't feel like touching the screen.

Memory and Battery Life The battery of the cell phone of the year, the Apple iPhone 4, can satisfy you with up to 7 hours of talk time and 6 hours of use on the internet with 3G. Standby is up to 300 hours, while you can get up to 40 hours of audio playback. This makes the device stand out from the crowd! It is available with 16GB or 32GB of storage place and comes with an Apple A4 chip that will allow easy multi-tasking. So, nothing hinders you from using FaceTime or editing images. Basically, the chip allows you perform numerous functions, without reducing your battery lifespan. The operating system and a host of additional features are just flawless. I guess seeing is believing!

You will find the capabilities of an iPod in the Apple iPhone 4. There are features that will help you scroll through songs, artists and albums. This is a phone that will caves for your business and entertainment needs. The proof of the pudding is really in the eating! Check out the cell phone of the year out, the Apple iPhone 4, today!

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