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Cyber Bullying By Phone - Stay In Control
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Cyber Bullying By Phone  -  Stay In Control

First of all, I want to sympathise with those children who have been victims of cyber bullying by phone. However, I also want to make it clear that you can stand up to your tormentors and turn the tables on them. By saying this, I do not mean that you can become a cyber bully yourself but there are steps you can take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of such a cowardly acts.

It seems that cell phones have become the new weapon of choice for cyber bullies because in an age where cell phones are such a popular device, we are never without them. We carry them with us all day and have them close to hand even when we are asleep at night.

So what does this mean to the Cyber Bully. Well, if we think back to the days when cell phones were not in existence, bullying in the school playground was always a problem but this issue has been heightened by the invention of the cell phone. This is because children with cell phones are now open to a constant barrage of abuse due to them always having their phone about their person.

Weaknesses in the law and with cell phone providers means that cyber bullying by phone is an ever present issue that is on the increase. A recent study discovered that over 50% of students had suffered some kind of cyber bullying in one form or another and as this figure is on the rise, it is an issue that we can not continue to turn a noses up at.

We should not underestimate the effects that cyber bullying can have on our children. Recent cases have indicated that victims who are cyber bullied by phone often resort to self-harming and in more extreme cases, they have been known to take their own lives. The psychological effects can be devastating

What can we do?

Any threat of any kind should never be ignored. That being said, remember that a negative reaction will be exactly what the cyber bully is looking to provoke. If you are seen to be affected by their actions then this will lead to further torment. Taking action in a positive way is what is required.

1. You can start buy making a log of all the cyber bullying by phone you encounter. Every time you receive a call, text message or email, make a note of the time, date and number. If you know who the cyber bully is or if they are using some sort of online alias, then jot it down. This can serve as compelling evidence if your situation escalates to a criminal case.

2. Talking about your issues with a trusted friend or family member can help to put things into perspective and gaining advice from a third party can offer you the support you need to deal with the issue. Remember that a problem shared is a problem halved. Together you will be able to develop a strategy to eliminate the cyber bullying.

3. If you get text messages or phone calls from a cyber bully and they fail to hide their number, you can run a reverse phone lookup to identify the phone owners home address. These types of services are available online and can instantly identify a cyber bully. Armed with such information can put you in a very strong position and help you in reporting the issue.

Cyber Bullies derive gratification from the notion that they are in control of have the power to make you feel depressed. They exert this twisted power over their victims and take great satisfaction from the response they get.

If you give the response that the cyber bully is looking to extract from you then you will have given them what they want. Denying the cyber bully of this sense of satisfaction and gratification will leave them feeling disappointed and unsuccessful.

The important thing here is to stay in control. You need to educate yourself about the rule of power and control. By learning these rules you can master the art of shifting power for your own benefit.

Generally speaking, any taunts or critical slander you receive via cyber bullying by phone are just projections of the cyber bullies own shortfalls and misgivings.

By taking positive action you can become a detective yourself and bring the cyber bully to their knees. You will need help with this but there is plenty of help out there if you know where to look.

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