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Do I Repel Technology?
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For years, I have been telling my mum and sister that it's not that they haven't moved with the times, it's that they physically repel technology. They both try their hardest to use computers, phones, and other technical items, and yet something always seems to go wrong or not work how it's supposed to. BUT, I am starting to think its just because they've never had any experience with these things, neither were taught it at school, they've only recently had their own technical items, so maybe it is just practice they need.

I am starting to believe that it is myself that repels technology, I have been taught about computers, and information technology since I had started school, I also chose to do extra lessons in college to continue this education as I am a bit of a techie, I love learning new things and now I am a grown up and married, I have discovered as a household we love gadgets and technology. Especially as my husband is a technology whiz, even going so far as building his own computer. So why you ask would you think I repel technology? Well, in the past 2 years, I have had four phones, two laptops, and IPad and a mac. Luckily not all belong to me but when I have borrowed them something has gone wrong.

But my main problem is definitely with phones. I have had a Nokia Express Music, a second Nokia, a Blackberry and a Samsung, and with each I have had a problem with. I am working with the Samsung but its a trying time! I am the first to admit I am a little clumsy, but I have tried to not drop, bang or bump these phones and yet strangely each one has broke, and yet my older model phones that I was possibly not as careful with, all seemed to last just fine.

So a quick run down of my phones, my Express music phone was fine until about 3 months in, and the screen stopped responding. Thankfully, my network agreed it was unusual and sent me another one. I then unfortunately had a car accident and my phone got blown up, so ok not the phones fault but still it makes my repelling technology argument that little bit stronger. This was covered by insurance so I got another and this worked fine until my contract ended. I had generally had a good time with nokias so I got another one, I can't remember the name as I only had it for 4 weeks, but it was possibly the worst phone I have ever had. It did not do half the things it was supposed to, I started getting charges for calls, and Internet usage I was not using. The screen started freezing , randomly calling people and sending text messages.

Fortunately, my mum decided she wanted a contract but not a phone, so I started a new contract and was able to get a new phone. I wanted a simple phone, that was just that, a phone. But stupidly I was talked into getting a blackberry, and once again, I had nothing but trouble. This was possibly my fault as I have had one before and had trouble with that too, and just didn't learn. After 2 weeks of having this phone, it turned off and would not turn back on again, and I sent it off to Vodafone who told me it was water damaged and was not covered. I have absolutely no idea how it could have gotten water damage in 2 weeks, the lady from Vodafone explained it was likely from condensation from being in my pocket. I asked how long this would take, and she guessed at around three to four months, at which point I explained I had, had it for two weeks. She didnt really try to explain then, she just showed me the picture they took of inside my phone and left me to it. I got home and checked my phone and the picture did not look like the inside of my phone, also the litmus paper inside was still in tact and yet on the picture it had changed colour.

I was angry and annoyed, and no one seemed ready to listen. And once again, I started to feel like maybe it was me. I repel technology. Especially as with my newest phone, I had to buy on my catalogue as my insurance would not cover the apparent "water damage", appears to be inconsistent too. It is a Samsung galaxy mini, and it freezes, rings people and will not let me hang up. It sometimes doesn't switch on, or randomly switches off.

Am I just unfortunate in my choice of phones? Or is it me? Do I repel technology? Is there such a thing? Maybe I am higly electrically charged or something, who knows? But I think before I get my next phone, I may ask for someone else to pick it, just in case.

What do you think?

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