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How To Surf Blocked Sites On Android Phones & Tablets
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How To Surf Blocked Sites on Android Phones & Tablets

Not all sites are available for access on all networks. There are a few reasons sites can be blocked from your viewing, and the easiest way to unblock these sites is to change the IP address of your Android phone or tablet. Here are some tips on how to surf blocked sites on Android.

  • Why are sites blocked?

Internet Censorship

Sometimes, when sites are blocked, it's because your ISP blocks them. This will most likely be because of the laws of your country. Facebook is blocked in some places, along with Twitter and YouTube. Torrent sites have been blocked in some European countries, and various media sites have been banned for political reasons across the globe.

Network Restrictions

You might be blocked because of the network settings of where you're signed in. Obviously there will be filters on school and work networks. Public wifi may or may not block certain types of sites. The type of restriction will vary based on where you're signing in!


Also common is websites blocking you! Most of the time this is because distribution and advertising contracts require a website to do so. This may also be done as a security measure against spammy IP regions or simply because non-local IPs rarely need to access the website.

  • How to Unblock Them


There are many types of proxies. Open proxies can be used with your current browser. Find a list of proxy servers, and enter the proxy IP and port number provided in your browsers manual proxy settings. It's fast and easy and FREE. The problem is you constantly have to find fresh proxy IPs, and you run the risk of using proxies owned by hackers. Open proxies are not recommended. Most web based proxies fit into this category as well (of being a security risk), but if you use a brand name proxy service, you can avoid the security and privacy issues.

As for brand name proxies, web based proxies are the best because you don't have to install anything to be able to use it. Simply navigate to the proxy site, use the min-proxy-browser, and go. This means that the same proxy for your Android can be used on your computer. Though this won't unblock geo-restricted websites, it'll often get you past network restrictions and sometimes past internet censorship, depending on the country you're in.


VPNs are a much more comprehensive solution. They change the IP of all your activity online - unlike proxies, which are strictly web based. This means that all apps and non web based software running on your Android will also use the new IP from the VPN. Using a VPN with VoIP is a great way to Skype someone privately while using a shared network. The VPN will also hide the IP of other apps that connect to the internet, including games!

For a fast VPN for Android, use PPTP. It's easy to install, easy to run, and connects with limited bandwidth requirements. There is another version of VPN for Android, called L2TP, but this is more for users looking for privacy. For unblocking sites, regardless of why they're blocked, I think you'll have better success with PPTP. If you know that your internet connection is fast and can handle the L2TP VPN requirements however, go for it. The IP changing features work the same, plus you get better privacy and security on your Android device.

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