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What Is Carrier Iq?
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What Is Carrier Iq?

You may be wondering what is carrier IQ and does it affect you and your mobile usage? If you believe that there are agencies that like to target every single thing you do online then you may want to stay tuned to the latest news about this latest attempt at possible spying.

Of course believing this type of thing also means that you are aware that if there is any wrong doing there are a lot of people working right now to try and make it all seem much less important than it really could be. It is also important to remember that this program may very well have been placed on all of these devices without any knowledge from the carriers, but that seems unlikely these days.

If you are looking for hard answers as to exactly what is happening in regards to carrier IQ and your privacy, get in line. The big mobile carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint arent saying a whole lot about it.

To be fair, that could be because just like the rest of us, they don't know anything either. I mean, do you think the heads of these huge mobile carriers are going to openly admit that they know or should have known about a pre-installed program on our mobile device that can spy on us?

What is this thing doing on my phone?

According to a android developer Trevor Eckhart, it is some kind of an analytics application that records what you are doing on your smartphone. Whether you are browsing the web or sending a text message, the program is recording your every move and reporting it back to Carrier IQ's servers.

While the reason for this could be as simple as gathering information to help mobile users have a better experience or to collect vital information so that we can be advertised to is not known yet.

According to Eckhart, the program is found on Android, Blackberry and possibly iPhone devices and can not be turned off without root access.

This is the world that we live in and there does not seem to be much that we can do about it. No matter how many ways we try to be left alone, there is always someone looking to find out sensitive and private information out about us, and for what? Probably to try and deliver the next advertisement method into our brains while we sleep, but hopefully not.

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