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Best Tablet Computer – My Daily Life With My Tablet
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This is a good summary how my tablet forms part of my daily life and how it can accommodate you in your daily life as well. And why my Mid tablet is the best tablet computer.

7:00 My alarm clock on my tablet goes off and I get up out of bed. While I am getting dressed and getting ready for the day I listen to some music on my tablet pc’s thanks to the great sound it is no different than my radio in the room

8:00 While enjoying my breakfast I am ready the newspaper on my tablet to catch up on what is happening in the world. The news application lets me choose which types of news I want to receive and only shows me what I want to see and not all the boring stuff I am not interested in.

8:30 On the subway on my way to work I listen to my music again but now with my Bluetooth headset connected to the tablet pc. I can’t help but to sing out load because this a great tune. It seems like the people around me is not enjoying my singing as much as I am right now.

9:00 At the office and I am checking my e-mails on my tablet and my to-do list on my calendar for the day. I also use the tablet to quickly make a couple of calls that I did not get around to yesterday.

11:00 Me and one of my colleagues had an argument and we Google the answer on my tablet. Ha I am right about it. It must be all the time I spend on Wikipedia while traveling on my tablet.

12:00 I go pick up my lunch that I ordered from my tablet and enjoy my meal while laughing at some silly jokes I received via e-mail

15:00 Not in the mood for working so I am silently watching a movie on my tablet with my Bluetooth headset and pretending that I am working very hard.

17:15 On my way home on the subway I am playing a racing game to get the time by and the people are looking at me funny because this game you use the motion to of tilting the tablet to drive your car. I don’t know if it is the funny faces I am pulling or just the shaking or tilting of the tablet in mid air that let them wonder.

21:00 In bed now and my tablet is plugged into my HD TV and I am enjoying a movie before bed.

23:00 can’t sleep so I am browsing facebook to see what is happening with all my friends and to see what they have been up to.

This is how I use my tablet pc and how it makes my life easier. That is why my Mid tablet is the best tablet computer

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