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Finding A Facebook Proxy Server That Works In China
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Finding a Facebook proxy server that works these days takes a bit of inside information. As a Blogger and a writer located inside China, I know that there's a lot of false information out there. Some of it is intentionally falsified for whatever reason - mostly likely to make a profit, but a lot of it is just uninformed. For example, you can still find blogs out there talking about Hotspot Shield and other proxy servers as solutions to use Facebook and other blocked sites in China. However, many times these proxies are either blocked or don't work as well as they say they should. It takes experience inside of China, and it takes someone who is there NOW to know what's going on.

I actually used to swear I'd never use a proxy again. I had never come across a Facebook proxy server that works in China. I had experimented with some free solution, and failed miserably. I then gave it up for a couple years, and only after my blogging platform got blocked in China did I start to look for other solutions. I started using a VPN, and it worked very well for about two years. Well, it still works now, but there's a reason I started looking again for a Facebook proxy server that works in China.

Facebook, when I first came to China, was just a college kid, and college-kid-wannabe site. People posted photos of themselves drinking, girls put up sexy photos of themselves, and guys use it to try to pick up friends of friends. Status updates were just dumb things people could think of at the spur of the moment, and basically, it was a waste of time. Ok, Facebook is still the number one time waster in the world. But it has grown to be an important business tool as well.

Because of the immense popularity of Facebook, businesses began to advertise on it, and Facebook has since grown to be one of the most important tools for online or offline businesses. Can you think of a better way to get the word out about your product that by word of mouth, ie "Likes" and "Fan Pages". So as a blogger and online marketer, I couldn't ignore the importance of Facebook and the potential power it held for my website and product.

So why did I need a Facebook proxy server that works in China? Why couldn't I just use a VPN and be done with it? In March of this year China blocked PPTP and L2TP VPNs, which means that in most areas of China, most of the time, you can't use a VPN on your phone. So when I'm on the go, traveling between the office and home, or away from my laptop, I can't access my sites or Facebook from my iPhone. I need a web based proxy to unblock sites in China on my phone. Because there's nothing to install, proxies still have a very important role to play in mobile business in China.

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