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How To Use Skype On Ipad
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How To Use Skype on Ipad

So this is one of the very first questions I asked myself when I first got my brand new ipad. I am very active on Skype since most of my family lives in Cancun and it is awesome to talk to them and get to see them through our Skype calls every other weekend. So the ipad facilitates communication between them and me from almost everywhere there is wi-fi. Awesome!

I searched the internet for that specific question and found great information, and as the good content creator I am ;) I found that there is not an article here on Street Articles that answer that question. So here it goes.

How To Use Skype of Ipad

1. You need a Skype account. You can create your Skype account directly from the ipad, just visit Skype's website and create one. It is free to sign up and later on, if you need to, you can add credit in order to make calls. After creating the account you will be ready to make use of Skype on your iPad.

And, I did not know this until recently, but did you know you can use Skype in your TV as well? I know... Awesome!!

2. Download the Skype Application to your iPad. The app is free, like most paid services, they give you the app free to download in order for you to use it.

Did you also know that you can screen share your iPad screen through Skype? This is an awesome feature if you need to show someone how to do things on your iPad. I learned this when I taught my cousing how to do keyword research ;) And, eventhough screen sharing is mostly available through the paid subscription, which I think is only seven bucks (?), I was able to take advantage of it through the free trial for seven days. I still have not subscribed to that service yet because I have not found a recuring use for it, but I am seriously thinking about it.

3. Make Your Calls or Send Text Messages. This is when it gets obviously better and cooler for any ipad owner and Skype. With the ipad you can make regular calls and send text messages to your Skype contacts. You can also make Video Calls if you have the iPad 2 ;) Just imagine the flexibility that using Skype throught your iPad will give you when making video calls. You can move around, be walking, at the park, shopping, at the movies... well, you get the idea. You can be anywhere and be able to communicate via Skype with your friends and loved ones.

You can also organize your contacts, view your conversations and call history, receive incoming calls as long as you are signed up to Skype, and many other things. The best thing is to learn how to use your iPad properly with Skype and get familiar with some iPad tips and tricks that can double your productivity when using Skype on your iPad.

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