Myoffice - Microsoft Office Edition, Office Viewer, Word Processor And PDF Maker For Iphone & Ipad
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Myoffice  -  Microsoft Office Edition, Office Viewer, Word Processor And PDF Maker for Iphone & Ipad

Microsoft Office Documents Viewer, Open source Document & Spreadsheets Editor, PDF Maker, Voice Recorder, Document Scanner and File Manager, all features in a single app.


Look at what some of the Top Review Sites say about the app:

"This simply happens to be the best document editing and management suite for both your iPad and iPhone. You get so many different features in just one app that you won’t even believe it." (96apps)

"For anyone that likes to work remotely, myOffice is a great addition to the suite of office apps that take up place on your home screen. " (Fanappic)

"This app is wonderful for marketing, sales person spending hours of time in commuting. We recommend it for people who really dont like working on computers and want to do everything fast and handy." (Reviewbestapps)

+ Create and Edit Rich Text Documents on your iPhone or iPad.

+ Create and Edit Spredsheets

+ Scan documents and convert to PDF

+ Create Hand-Written notes and draw Sketches

+ Create Voice Memos

+ Transfer files to or from your PC or Mac wirelessly or through USB

+ Work on your documents even when you are not connected to the internet.

+ Send documents as EMAIL ATTACHMENTS

+ Synch your documents with Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive or FTP.

+ View Word & Excel files (Office 2007/2008/2010)

+ VIEW PowerPoint, PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF, and more!

+ Open & Edit files created through this app from any 3rd party app that supports the “Open In” feature

+ Create or Download Documents from anywhere and carry it with you wherever you go


• View/Edit/Create Rich Text Documents

• Fonts, Styles,Font Sizes

• Bold, italic, Underline, Strike out

• Text Color, Background Color selection

• Text Alignment

• Import Pictures from your Photo Library and paste in the documents

• Take Pictures from Camera and insert in the document

• Various bullet styles/formatting

• Auto bullets/numbers

• Undo Changes

• Easy Copy and Paste


• Draw sketches in your PDF documents.

• Write hand-written notes or comments or highlight text in your PDF documents.

• Fill out PDF Forms and send through email.

• Sign & Send Documents - Receive documents through email, sign them using this app and send back through email.


• Create & Edit Spreadsheets that can be opened or edited in Microsoft Excel

• Editing features including colors, fonts, sizing etc

• Multiple Select operations copy, paste, cut etc


• High quality document scanner included with no additional in-app purchase

• Scan documents and convert to PDF

• Scan Images and convert to PNG, JPG or PDF

• Document / Image cropping and size adjustment

• Easily sharing through email attachment, Whats App, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive


• Record Voice Memos and save on your iPhone or iPad

• Play recorded memos or share with others

• Easily transfer your recordings to PC or Mac

PDF Converter :

• Convert Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Text and iWork documents to PDF

• Annotate converted PDFs and write your notes on PDF within the app


• Thumbnail, Fit to Screen, Fit to Width, Actual Size & full screen views

• Go to/rotate page

• Search

• Multiple Bookmarks

• Printing PDF Files to AirPrint Printers in your wifi network

• Email Attachments


• Send and Receive Documents as Email Attachments

• Dropbox

• Google Drive



• Create Folders & Sub-folders

• Delete, Rename files

• Drag and Drop files to Move them across folders


* Sample Resume

* Sample Cover Letter

* Meeting Minutes Template

* Business Plan for Small Businesses

* Weekly/Monthly Planner

* Contract for the Sale of Goods

* Resignation Letter Sample

* Power of Attorney

* Weekly Time Sheet

* Agenda Sample

* Statement of Services

* Budget Sheet

* Collection Demand Letter

* Blog Post Sample

And many more…


A large collection of ready-to-use sample emails in the following categories






What's New in Version 2.2 :

* Documents Scanner

* Fax documents from within the app

* Create/Edit Spreadsheets

* Box and SugarSync integration

Download Link : myOffice - Microsoft Office Edition

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