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Tablet Computer Comparison – The Cadillac Of Tablets
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We compared the two top line models of Mid tablets with each other. One is based on windows XP and the other on Android. SO this is also a good Windows versus Android comparison. The reason why we chose Mid tablets is because they are the best value for many and great quality.

Windows tablet

Mobility 9/10

10.1” tablet pc is a great tablet for mobility but also big enough to ensure that the tablet is still very functional and usable. Some problem with smaller tablets is that they become too small and are not very easy to use

Compatibility 10/10 Because window have been around since the beginning of computing most programs and applications is written for windows which really makes this very compatible with most software. You can install any software that you used on your PC on the tablet as there is no difference between the versions of windows.

Performance 9/10

Performance is great by the tablet but as we all know Windows is a heavy user of hardware resources and this can sometime cause the tablet to be a little slower when a lot of applications are running on the tablet. The windows tablet has got stronger hardware in to handle windows though. So problem will only occur when too many applications are used

Price 8/10 $570

Android Tablet

Mobility 9/10

This is a 7” tablet pc which is even small enough to fit into some pockets. Mobility for this is great. Some people might feel that getting a 10.1” model is easier to use as the screen is a bit bigger. Or you can just use an external monitor if you use it for a longer time.

Compatibility 8/10 Android is growing fast and more and more applications are coming to the party. Although for business use some of your software might only run on windows and this can cause some troubles and make you want to rather get a windows based tablet

Performance 10/10

Performance is outstanding on the android operating system is very fast and efficient and is built with mobile devices in mind. The performance of this tablet is really astonishing. It does not have the hardware the windows tablet has but it is not needed

Price 10/10 $380

Overall Windows tablet 9/10 Android tablet 9/10

Depending on what you want to use it for is what is going to make the difference. There is also a lot of entry level Mid tablets that might be even better for your intended purpose and they start from $120. Both way happy shopping and we hope that this tablet computer comparison helped you out.


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